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Doyne may refer to:

  • Cory Doyne (born 1981), Major League Baseball pitcher who is currently in the Washington Nationals organization
  • John Doyne (1912–1997), Wisconsin politician and the first County Executive of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
  • Maggie Doyne (born 1987), American philanthropist who has built an orphanage, women's centre and school in the Kopila Valley of Nepal
  • Philip Doyne (1886–1959), British fencer
  • Robert Walter Doyne (1857–1916), British ophthalmologist
  • Sir Robert Doyne (1651–1733), member of the Irish House of Commons, and later a distinguished judge
  • Geoffrey Doyne Adams KCMG OBE (born 1957), member of the British Diplomatic Service
  • J. Doyne Farmer (born 1952), American physicist and entrepreneur, with interests in chaos theory, complexity and econophysics

Usage examples of "doyne".

Charley had worked under John Holland in Chicago and Doyne Farmer at Los Alamos.

Sallenmore fair, one day in last September, when Matt Doyne and Andy Sheridan from Lisconnel fell in with their acquaintances, Larry Sullivan and Felix Morrough, from Laraghmena.

Ireland, Charles Doyne Sillery has some claim to enrolment among the minstrels of Caledonia.

Captain Doyne Sillery was born in Drogheda, Ireland, of which place his father was mayor during the Rebellion of 1798, and where he possessed considerable property.

Shelley, Charles Doyne Sillery, Thomas Stoddart, William Tennant, James Thomson, Alaric A.