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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ He say he was going downtown to see about his social security.
▪ From there, you go downtown, then to Colonia Cacho.
▪ Which is how I went downtown.
▪ I have to go downtown later.
▪ She lives in a really beautiful apartment downtown.
▪ Stacy works downtown.
▪ A lot of people have family out of the area or have business dealings downtown and traffic is impossible.
▪ So after you heard from Borden you came downtown looking for me.
▪ The fear of traveling solo was softened after landing at Heathrow and squeezing through the crowds to catch an Airbus headed downtown.
▪ There are cafes at the beach, trendy restaurants in the Gaslamp area downtown.
▪ This was invariably followed by a session of late-night jazz at Ali's Alley downtown in Greenwich Village.
▪ We heard about your meeting downtown, and how you walked to the station, and how tired you were.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1835, from down (adv.) + town. The notion is of suburbs built on heights around a city.


a. of, relating to, or situated in the downtown area adv. 1 in, or towards the downtown area; southward 2 (context basketball English) Outside the three-point line, or generally far from the basket. n. (context chiefly US English) either the lower, or the business center of a city or town

  1. adj. of or located in the lower part of a town, or in the business center; "downtown Manhattan"; "delinquents roaming the downtown streets" [ant: uptown]

  2. n. the commercial center of a town or city [syn: business district]


adv. toward or in the lower or central part of town [ant: uptown]


Downtown is a term primarily used in North America by English speakers to refer to a city's core (or center) or central business district (CBD), often in a geographical, commercial, or communal sense. The term is not generally used in British English, whose speakers instead use the term City Centre or town.

The term is thought to have been coined in New York City, where it was in use by the 1830s to refer to the original town at the southern tip of the island of Manhattan. As the town of New York grew into a city, the only direction it could grow on the island was toward the north, proceeding upriver from the original settlement (the "up" and "down" terminology in turn came from the customary map design in which up was north and down was south). Thus, anything north of the original town became known as " uptown" ( Upper Manhattan), while the original town (which was also New York's only major center of business at the time) became known as "downtown" ( Lower Manhattan).

During the late 19th century, the term was gradually adopted by cities across the United States and Canada to refer to the historical core of the city (which was most often the same as the commercial heart of the city). Notably, it was not included in dictionaries as late as the 1880s. But by the early 1900s, downtown was clearly established as the proper term in American English for a city's central business district.

Downtown (Petula Clark song)

"Downtown" is a pop song composed by Tony Hatch which, as recorded by Petula Clark in 1964, became an international hit, reaching No. 1 in Billboard Hot 100 and No. 2 in UK Singles Chart. Hatch received the 1981 Ivor Novello award for Best Song Musically and Lyrically.

The song has been covered by many singers, including Dolly Parton and Emma Bunton.

Downtown (TV series)

Downtown is an animated series on MTV on urban life, based on interviews with real people. The show follows a diverse and multiracial cast who live in New York City, and presents their everyday lives. It was created by Chris Prynoski. In 2000, Downtown was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program for the episode "Before and After". Downtown lasted 13 episodes throughout 1999.

Downtown (disambiguation)

Downtown is the central business district of a city. It may also refer to:

Downtown (Peaches song)

"Downtown" is the first single from Peaches' third album Impeach My Bush. "Downtown" was the "Single of the Week" on XFM and chosen by NME as their choice single. The single is also Peaches' third to chart on the UK Singles Chart.

Downtown (film)

Downtown is a 1990 American police action comedy film directed by Richard Benjamin.

Downtown (Nevada gaming area)

"Downtown Las Vegas Area" is the name assigned by the Nevada Gaming Control Board NGCB which includes the Downtown Las Vegas area casinos and the Stratosphere Tower which is located from Fremont Street. The city of Las Vegas uses the term Downtown Gaming for the casinos near the Fremont Street Experience. The land is part of the that were auctioned on May 15, 1905 when the city was founded.

Downtown (Capital MetroRail station)

Downtown (or Downtown-Convention Center) is a Capital MetroRail commuter rail station in Austin, Texas. It is located in Downtown Austin at the corner of Fourth and Neches Street behind the Austin Convention Center. It is the current southern terminus of the Red Line. It's also the smallest Capital MetroRail station.

Downtown (owarai)

is a Japanese comedy duo from Amagasaki, Hyōgo consisting of Hitoshi Matsumoto and Masatoshi Hamada. Formed in 1982, they are one of the most influential and prolific comedy duos in Japan today. They are best known for their stand-up acts, hosting numerous Japanese variety shows (such as Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!! and Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ) and their sarcastic, short-tempered stage personas.

As a result of their massive popularity and the relative domination of their employer, Yoshimoto Kogyo, the Kansai dialect (in which both performers usually speak) has come to be associated with Japanese comedy ( owarai) as a whole.

Downtown (album)

Downtown is an album by Petula Clark (her first album licensed to Warner Brothers Records) following the success of her single of the same title. The album's tracks were all produced, arranged and conducted by Tony Hatch and were recorded at the Pye Studios in Marble Arch with the session personnel including drummer Bobby Graham, guitarist Big Jim Sullivan and the Breakaways vocal group; the "Downtown" track included guitarists Vic Flick and Jimmy Page in addition to Sullivan. Most of the album's tracks pre-dated the title cut, with almost all of the sides Hatch had produced from their inaugural collaboration: the 1963 single "Let Me Tell You Baby", being included.

Downtown entered the Billboard 200 on 13 February 1965 for a 36 weeks chart run with a #21 peak. Despite Clark's subsequent album releases being more focused on the hit sound Hatch had devised for Clark with the "Downtown" single, the Downtown album would remain Clark's most successful US album release. Downtown did not rank in the UK album charts which were then limited to the Top Twenty.

  • A collection of standards entitled This is Petula Clark! had been released on the Imperial label in 1959 and was reissued as Uptown with Petula Clark after she achieved fame in the States.

Side One


"True Love Never Runs Smooth"

"Baby It's Me"

"Now That You've Gone"

"Tell Me (That It's Love)"

"Crying Through a Sleepless Night"

"In Love"

Side Two



"Be Good to Me"

"This is Goodbye"

"Let Me Tell You Baby"

" You Belong to Me"

" Downtown"

Downtown (Kids of 88 song)

"Downtown" is the third single from electropop band Kids of 88 off their debut album Sugarpills. This song was released digitally through the New Zealand iTunes Store on 19 July 2010.

Downtown (1986 TV series)

Downtown is an American crime drama that aired from September 27, 1986 until August 22, 1987.

Downtown (Lady Antebellum song)

"Downtown" is a song recorded by American country music group Lady Antebellum. It was released on January 22, 2013, as the first single from their fifth studio album Golden. The song was written by Luke Laird, Shane McAnally, and Natalie Hemby. It was originally planned to be sung by fellow country act Miranda Lambert.

Downtown (Neil Young song)

"Downtown" is the first single from Neil Young's twenty-third studio album, Mirror Ball. The song was recorded with the members of American rock band Pearl Jam. The song was nominated for Best Rock Song at the 1996 Grammy Awards.

Downtown (Marshall Crenshaw album)

Downtown is the third album by singer/songwriter Marshall Crenshaw. It failed to produce a hit single or chart itself.

Downtown (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song)

"Downtown" is a song by American hip hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Eric Nally, Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee, and Grandmaster Caz. The song was officially released on August 27, 2015 as the lead single from their second studio album This Unruly Mess I've Made (2016). A music video for the song was uploaded to Ryan Lewis' own YouTube channel on the day of the song's release. As of August 2016, the video has over 125 million views.

Usage examples of "downtown".

SAS Radisson Hotel in downtown Amman, the border crossings from Jordan into Israel, and two Christian holy sites, at a time when all these locations were likely to be thronged with American and other tourists.

Medical Center of Virginia in downtown Richmond and, according to the head of anesthesiology at St.

As he prowled the streets of downtown Los Angeles in search of a snitch with information, he wondered how long it would take after she had gone home to Sunnydale for him to stop missing her like they had parted only yesterday.

Bastille Day enlivened the downtown area in mid-July, culminating in the Great Circus Parade that strutted down Wisconsin Avenue complete with hundred-year-old wagons brought by train from Baraboo, Wisconsin, and unloaded by horses in the train yard to the delight of scores of cheering children and equally happy grown-ups.

In Washington, Bobby Kennedy figured Ross Barnett must by now have had his moment in the sun, so he decided to register Meredith on September 25, not at the Oxford campus, but at the office of the university trustees at the Woolfolk State Office Building in downtown Jackson.

On the night of January tenth, the girl called from the Biltmore downtown.

So Betty walked, or hitched, twenty-five miles downtown, meeting Sally Stinson and Johnny Vogel in the Biltmore lobby six hours or so later.

It wove its way through the narrow, crowded streets of Cholon and then across the river into the equally chaotic streets of downtown Saigon.

One of my clearest memories of that vicious time is Ralph being attacked by one of my old friends in the billiard room of the Pendennis Club in downtown Louisville on Saturday night.

He had been a downtown party committeeman, and the proprietor of a vast insurance agency that enjoyed uncanny success in underwriting municipal agencies.

I was surprised one warm autumn day after lunch in downtown Greenfield, as I was walking back to campus with my blue blazer slung over my shoulder, to be honked out of my reverie by a huge black Lincoln Navigator that swooshed to the curb next to me and revealed its driver to be the ethereal Naomi Cordier, Associate Professor of Dance, clad, as usual, in something diaphanous and floral.

Despite the increasing crowdedness downtown, it still felt as though there was room for everyone and everything, Vietnamese groceries next to the 1930s Federalist-style post office next to an eighteenth-century storefront housing a German deli that replaced a dry-goods store in the 1890s.

The main river now flanked the east side of Dayton, having changed course several miles to the northeast in a great, sudden wrench which heaved up multicolored layers of rock and toppled many of the buildings in downtown Dayton.

Needlepoint pillows, a small needlepoint rug, and several decoupage lamps picked up at downtown auctions added to the Victorian feel of the room.

Beef House in downtown Jax, rarely had two dimes to rub together all of the time she was illegally married to warehouseman Haas.