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Doun is a town in the Zabré Department of Boulgou Province in south-eastern Burkina Faso. As of 2005, the town has a population of 1,538.

Usage examples of "doun".

I canna help the minister I can mishandle some that hae brocht him doun.

Bethink ye, is it wise to gie sic a handle to them that wad bring ye doun?

Eek every wight woot this as wel as I, If gentillesse were planted natureelly Unto a certeyn lynage doun the lyne, Pryvee nor apert, thanne wolde they nevere fyne To doon of gentillesse the faire office, They myghte do no vileynye or vice.

A Britoun book, written with Evaungiles, Was fet, and on this book he swoor anoon She gilty was, and in the meene-whiles An hand hym smoot upon the nekke-boon, That doun he fil atones, as a stoon.

Paraventure ther may fallen oon or two Doun of his hors, and breke his nekke atwo.

Yclothed was she fressh, for to devyse, Hir yelow heer was broyded in a tresse, Bihynde hir bak, a yerde long, I gesse, And in the gardyn, at the sonne upriste, She walketh up and doun, and as hir liste She gadereth floures, party white and rede, To make a subtil gerland for hir hede, And as an aungel hevenysshly she soong.

Lucifer At Lucifer, though he an aungel were, And nat a man, at hym wol I biginne, For though Fortune may noon aungel dere, From heigh degree yet fel he for his synne Doun into helle, where he yet is inne.

O bussh unbrent, brennynge in Moyses sighte, That ravysedest doun fro the deitee Thurgh thyn humblesse, the goost that in thalighte, Of whos vertu, whan he thyn herte lighte, Conceyved was the Fadres sapience, Help me to telle it in thy reverence.

Ye moote nempne hym to what place also, Or to what contree, that yow list to ryde, And whan ye com ther as yow list abyde, Bidde hym descende, and trille another pyn, (For therin lith theffect of al the gyn) And he wol doun descende, and doon youre wille.

And therwithal, on knees doun he fil, And seyde, "Venus, if it be thy wil, Yow in this gardyn thus to transfigure Bifore me, sorweful wrecche creature, Out of this prisoun helpe that we may scapen!

She sette hir doun on knees, and thus she sayde, "Immortal God, that savedest Susanne Fro false blame, and thou, merciful Mayde, Marie I meene, doghter to Seynte Anne, Bifore whos child angeles synge Osanne, If I be giltlees of this felonye, My socour be, for ellis shal I dye.

Tho coome hir othere freendes many oon, And in the aleyes romeden up and doun, And no thyng wiste of this conclusioun, But sodeynly bigonne revel newe, Til that the brighte sonne loste his hewe, For thorisonte hath reft the sonne his lyght- This is as muche to seye as, ti was nyght- And hoom they goon in joye and in solas, Save oonly wrecche Aurelius, allas!

And as she wolde over hir thresshfold gon The markys cam and gan hire for to calle, And she set doun hir water pot anon Biside the thresshfold in an oxes stalle, And doun up-on hir knes she gan to falle, And with sad contenance kneleth stille, Til she had herd what was the lordes will.

I kepe noght of armes for to yelpe, Ne I ne axe nat tomorwe to have victorie, Ne renoun in this cas, ne veyne glorie Of pris of armes blowen up and doun, But I wolde have fully possessioun Of Emelye, and dye in thy servyse.

The kny3t kache3 his caple, and com to the lawe, Li3te3 doun luflyly, and at a lynde tachez The rayne and his riche with a ro3e braunche.