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Doucette is a French language surname and a variant of Doucet. Notable people with the name include:

  • Allan Doucette (1872-1901), American footballer
  • Bernard Doucette (died 1974), Franco-American meteorologist
  • Chad Doucette (born 1988), Canadian singer
  • Don Doucette (born 1952), American college basketball coach
  • Eddie Doucette, American sportscaster
  • Fred Doucette, American politician from New Hampshire
  • Jeff Doucette (born 1947), American actor
  • Jerry Doucette (born 1952), Canadian guitarist, who released music as "Doucette"
  • John Doucette (1921–1994), American actor
  • John Doucett or Doucette (died 1726), Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia
  • John W. Doucette, officer in the United States Air Force
  • Paul Doucette (born 1972), American drummer
  • Ryan Doucette (born 1983), Canadian actor
  • Sarah Doucette, Canadian politician