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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Doublets \Doub"lets\, n. pl. See Doublet, 6 and 7.


n. (plural of doublet English)

Usage examples of "doublets".

The men had shed their livery and wore new, brightly hued doublets over their old leggings.

I love this one, and she may spoil as many of my doublets as she wishes.

There were a few aglets and gold clasps for doublets and cloaks, and five ornate gold buttons larger than all the rest.

She glimpsed the gleaming white horses, the moss-green doublets and pearl-gray cloaks, and she heard a name whispered through the crowd, passed around like a platter.

It was going through his clothes, tossing aside cloaks, doublets, garters, and robes, apparently selecting a wardrobe.

We could not but mark that many of the givers were men whose threadbare doublets and pinched faces showed that the wealth which they were dashing down so readily must have been hoarded up for such a purpose, at the cost of scanty fare and hard living.

Their black coats and doublets were cut straight and close, and their cordovan leather shoes, which in the days of our youth were usually the seat of some little ornament, were uniformly square toed and tied with sad-coloured ribbon.

Worse still are the monstrous doublets, reaching down to the middle of the thighs, so hard quilted, stuffed, bombasted, and sewed that the wearer can hardly stoop down in them.