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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Double-quick \Dou"ble-quick`\, a. (Mil.) Of, or performed in, the fastest time or step in marching, next to the run; as, a double-quick step or march.


Double-quick \Dou"ble-quick`\, n. Double-quick time, step, or march.

Note: Double-quick time requires 165 steps, each 33 inches in length, to be taken in one minute. The number of steps may be increased up to 180 per minute.


Double-quick \Dou"ble-quick`\, v. i. & t. (Mil.) To move, or cause to move, in double-quick time.


n. The double time, a marching cadence (pace) approaching running speed. vb. (context intransitive English) To double-time, march (or rather run) at the above speedy pace.


adj. (of a marching cadence) very quick

Usage examples of "double-quick".

Sharpe had thought that the disciplined volleys must be being fired by redcoats or sepoys, but instead two companies of white jacketed soldiers were barring the way to the gate and it was those men who were firing to keep the space around the gate clear for other white coated companies who were marching in double-quick time to escape the city.

A deep column of bluecoats, their bayonets fixed, stormed up the Brock Road at the double-quick.

This dogman was growling at the other dogmen, telling them all to get a move on, and at the double-quick!

The troops from the other dropships were quickly approaching, moving across the plain at a double-quick march as they followed the Zdonek’s crash scar.

Two hours of double-quick march in daylight could have brought them to this position, but instead they had endured a frigid, miserable night.