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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Douane \Dou`ane"\, n. [F.] A customhouse. [1913 Webster] ||


n. A custom house.


Douane may refer to:

  • A Custom house or Customs authority.
  • the French customs and excise agency, the Directorate-General of Customs and Indirect Taxes
  • the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration
  • Douanes, a system of taxation through custom duties in France in King Louis XIV's reign.

Usage examples of "douane".

Corbier opened the door of her small, ochre-stuccoed cottage on Rue Douane and stood looking across at her brother for some moments, her thin face blank beneath the orange-and-black tignon.

Rue Douane, the first street of the French town itself, was usually alive with cart and foot traffic.

He cut across Rue Douane midway between two streets, mud sucking his boots.

He made his way along Rue Villere, in the district of the vast, stinking charnel-houses of the two cemeteries toward Rue Douane, which would lead him back to thc relative safety of the French town.

He quickened his pace, hopped over the gutter, and waded down the dragging muck in the middle of Rue Douane, keeping clear of the rough shacks and stucco cottages on either side.

But Domini with wide-open eyes, was staring from her big, square pillow at the red brick floor of her bedroom, on which stood various trunks marked by the officials of the Douane.