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Even if a "servant" this would seem to have been no bar, as Dotey and Leister were certainly such, yet signers.

It is evident that Dotey and Leister, the "servants" of Hopkins, were of English origin and accompanied their master from London.

The first three governors of the colony, its chief founders,--Carver, Bradford, and Winslow,--with Standish, Warren, Hopkins, Howland, Dotey, and others, were on board, and but for the heroism and prompt action of "the lusty sea man which steered," who was--beyond reasonable doubt--English, as Bradford's narrative ("Morton's Memorial") shows, the lives of the entire party must, apparently, have been lost.

Captain Standish in command, with whom were Governor Carver, Masters Bradford, Winslow, John Tilley and Edward Tilley, Warren and Hopkins, John Howland, Edward Dotey, and two of the colonists' seamen, Alderton and English, and of the ship's company, the mates Clarke and Coppin, the master-gunner and three sailors, eighteen in all.