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n. (alternative spelling of dotcom English)


adj. of or relating to an internet company; "a dot-com outfit in San Francisco"


n. a company that operates its business primarily on the internet using a URL that ends in `.com' [syn: dot com, dot com company]


Dot-com may refer to:

  • .com (short for "commercial"), a generic top-level Internet domain
  • dot-com company, a company which does most of its business on the Internet
    • dot-com bubble (also known as the dot-com era), a financial bubble running roughly from 1995 to 2001
  • .COM (short for "command"), a file extension associated with DOS executable file

Usage examples of "dot-com".

He sips his Berlinerweisse slowly as she launches into a long, stilted explanation of how Arianespace is a diversified dot-com with orbital aspirations, a full range of merchandising spin-offs, Bond movie sets, and a promising hotel chain in LEO.

Much of the merchandise in the shops is generic dot-com trash, vying for the title of Japanese–Scottish souvenir from hell: Puroland tartans, animatronic Nessies hissing bad-temperedly at knee level, second hand laptops.

They lend bits of their brains to the task of running what science has been able to resurrect of the dead dot-com billionaire's mind, making him the first bodhisattva of the uploading age – apart from the lobster colony, of course.

She'd spoken to some geeks at a dot-com startup once who explained just how easy it was if you wanted to get someone dismissed.

Sylvan idyll at nightfall, still-life with deranged dot-com refugee and brown office furniture.

She didn't normally hold with power dressing either, but something about Roland and this setup suggested that his people were much more obsessed with appearances than the dot-com entrepreneurs and Masspike corridor startup monkeys she usually dealt with.

And I still haven't filed copy on that dot-com busted flush feature I'm supposed to be writing for Andy.

There's this dot-com that takes images you upload and turns them into tattoos, then sends them to you by mail order.

But during the dot-com boom, we dabbled with the idea of going public.

The stock market could not rise indefinitely on the promises of dot-coms that sell nothing yet lay claim to a large share of the planet’s wealth.