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DOSAAF , full name Volunteer Society for Cooperation with the Army, Aviation, and Fleet , was a paramilitary sport organization in the Soviet Union, concerned mainly with weapons, automobiles and aviation. The society was established in 1927 as OSOAVIAKhIM and from 1951 to 1991 carried the name of DOSAAF.

The society was preserved in some post-Soviet Republics, e.g. Russia and Belarus, although these may use a different name. In Ukraine, for example, the counterpart is "Society of Assistance to Defense of Ukraine". In Russia it was reformed in December 1991 as the Russian Defence Sports-Technical Organization ROSTO . In December 2009, RОSТО was renamed DOSAAF Russia. For Belarus, see DOSAAF (Belarus).

The stated goal of the society was "patriotic upbringing of the population and preparation of it to the defense of the Motherland". Among the means to achieve this was the development of paramilitary sports. Initially, an important goal was financial support of the Soviet military (by membership fees, subscriptions, lotteries and donations). At the same time, ordinary sports were supported within the framework of DOSAAF facilities: sports halls, stadiums, swimming pools.

DOSAAF (Belarus)

DOSAAF RB ( Literarly: The Voluntary Society of Assistance to the Army, the Air Force and the Navy of the Republic of Belarus) is a Belarusian paramilitary organization. Formed in 2003, DOSAAF RB is based on the Soviet organization of the same name. The purposes of the organization is to promote citizen readiness, instill military training into Belarusian youth, citizenship education and provide training for essential military tasks and trades. Outside of the military, DOSAAF RB provides sporting and patriotic education and events to other Belarusian organizations.