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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dorsiventral \Dor`si*ven"tral\, a. [Dorsum + ventral.]

  1. (Biol.) Having distinct upper and lower surfaces, as most common leaves. The leaves of the iris are not dorsiventral.

  2. (Anat.) See Dorsoventral.


A dorsiventral (Lat. dorsum, "the back", venter, "the belly") organ is one that has two surfaces differing from each other in appearance and structure, as an ordinary leaf. This term has also been used as a synonym for dorsoventral organs, those that extend from a dorsal to a ventral surface. This word is also used to define body structure of an organism, e.g. Platyhelminthes have dorsiventrally flattened body.

Usage examples of "dorsiventral".

With hardly an exception the liverworts are dorsiventral, and usually one side is turned to the substratum and the other exposed to the light.

The dorsiventral thallus is constructed on the same plan throughout the group, and shows a lower region composed of cells containing little chlorophyll and an upper stratum specialized for assimilation and transpiration.