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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dorn \Dorn\, n. [Cf. G. dorn thorn, D. doorn, and G. dornfisch stickleback.] (Zo["o]l.) A British ray; the thornback.


n. A British ray; the thornback.


Dorn ( German for thorn) is a German/Austrian and Dutch/Flemish surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alfred Dorn (1929-2014), American poet
  • Andrew Dorn (born 1986), American distance runner
  • August T. Dorn (1849-1923), American politician
  • Dieter Dorn (born 1935), German theatre director
  • Dolores Dorn (born 1934), American film actor
  • Ed Dorn (1929–1999), U.S. poet
  • Earl Van Dorn (1820–1863), U.S. major general
  • Friedrich Ernst Dorn (1848–1916), German physicist
  • Francis E. Dorn (1911–1987), member of the United States House of Representatives
  • George W. Dorn (1836–1891), President of the Chico Board of Trustees in 1872
  • Gerhard Dorn (c. 1530 – 1584), Belgian philosopher, translator, alchemist, physician and bibliophile
  • Heinrich Dorn (1804–1892), German conductor and composer
  • Jennifer Dunbar Dorn, English writer and filmmaker
  • Jerry verDorn (born 1948), American actor
  • Joel Dorn (1942–2007), music producer
  • Johannes Albrecht Bernhard Dorn (1805–1881), German orientalist
  • Ludwik Dorn (born 1954), Polish politician
  • Luke Dorn (born 1982), rugby player
  • Michael Dorn (born 1952), U.S. actor
  • Robert C. Dorn, New York politician
  • Roosevelt F. Dorn (born 1935), mayor
  • Rüdiger Dorn (born 1969), game designer
  • Thea Dorn (born 1970), German writer
  • Walter Dorn (born 1961), scientist, educator, author and researcher
  • William Jennings Bryan Dorn (1916–2005), U.S. politician

Fictional characters:

  • Fandorin, a fictitious Russian surname derived from von Dorn
  • Van Dorn Detective Agency, a fictitious detective agency in a series of novels by Clive Cussler
  • Dorn Marto, a character in the video game Star Ocean
  • Rogal Dorn, one of the twenty primarchs and leader of the Imperial Fists in table top game Warhammer 40,000
  • Chris Dorn and son Kurt Dorn, wheat farmers in Zane Grey's 1919 novel The Desert of Wheat
Dorn (band)

Dorn is a German black metal band.

It was founded as a solo project in 1998 by Roberto Liebig, the ex- keyboardist of pagan metal band Riger. Dorn's 2000 debut album Falschheit was recorded in the studios of CCP Records in Linz, with Liebig playing all of the instruments himself.

The album received good reviews, so Liebig was signed by CCP Records and left his role in Riger. Falschheit was followed by Brennende Kälte in 2001 and Schatten der Vergangenheit in 2002. For the 2004 album Suriel, Liebig was joined by Michael Werber, Sebastian Ziem, Lars, and Ira. With this lineup, Dorn toured in Germany, but in 2005 Lars and Ira left the band. In October 2006, Liebig and the other two remaining band members recorded the album Spiegel der Unendlichkeit, which was released on February 23, 2007.

Dorn (board game)

Dorn is a diceless tactical fantasy board game developed in Czech Republic and published by Altar in 2006.

One or more players control a group of heroes and one player controls the evil Dornkeeper and his monsters. The heroes need to collect three artifacts from the game board and then they can challenge the Dornkeeper himself. As there is no dice in combat, the game is based on strategy and tactics, when heroes need to cooperate in order to win.

There are nine heroes to choose from, each having unique abilities on three experience levels. The Dornkeeper has eight different types of monsters at his disposal. Treasure cards found on the gameboard as well as random Blessing cards make every game quite different, there is no ultimate winning strategy.

In November 2009, the first expansion became available, with the title "Eternal Return of the Koschei", featuring new heroes, monsters and an immortal Dornkeeper.

The game was originally published in Czech, but is now available in English (including the first expansion).

The game was featured in Essen Game Fair in 2008 and received critical acclaim for its original approach to traditional fantasy topic. Positive reviews were published on various gaming sites.

Usage examples of "dorn".

Within minutes of Michelle Tanners desperate phone call, Nick had sent Phillip Van Dorn to tap her phones and set up a surveillance around her house.

The latter showed that Marie Dorn had for two years past been the wife of the Archducal Forest-Councillor, Leo Kniepp.

I know his wars and his prisons, the young boys he shafts up the ass, the George Dorns he tries to turn into killers like himself.

Nutley is a typical Catholic-dominated New Jersey town, and the Dorns are Baptists, so I was hemmed in two ways, but even as a boy I used to walk along the Passaic looking for Indian arrowheads, and the soul would move when I found one.

But the Dorns were all troublemakers, and George's paternal grandfather, Big Bill Dora, was so indiscreet as to get killed by cops during the Paterson silk-mill strike of 1922.

Elverda wanted to ask him more, but Dorn stopped before a blank door and opened it for her.

I cried to Dorn and Shattnir in my head, screamed at them to help me raise that bone up, to feed me the power to raise that bone up, screamed to Wafnor to break the soil at its base, to all of them to look, see, join, move, fight.

The Hounds had made sure of that—Bernard of Dorn, Myric of Gastendale, Dauch, Yonan—all the men of promise were either wiped out with their holds and their followers, or assassinated.

I didn’t know him, and he’s dead this eighty years, but Dorn himself couldn’t call anyone up with all those Immutables about.

Coll, George Dorn and the lead vocalist of the American Medical Association, which group was at that moment boarding a plane at Kennedy International Airport for the Ingolstadt gig.

Two days after, tied upon his horse half lying down with a high fever upon him, he drove his ponies up to the fort, and was taken from the back of the animal nearer dead than alive, and most tenderly cared for by Major Van Dorn, who had returned only a short while before from his search for the brave boy.

Enjoying bacon and eggs that seemed tastier than he had ever eaten before, exchanging pointless and very private jokes with Stella, George Dorn was at peace.

To a god, life is a single organism proliferating in all directions all over the earth, and now on the moon and Mars, and the whole process from the first of the protobionts to George Dorn and fellow humans takes no longer than.

All right, Mister Smartaleck Dorn, if in one week you dont come to terms with me, good terms, you will be blacklisted in every reputable publishing firm in the United States and foreign parts.

All right, Mister Smartaleck Dorn, if in one week you don't come to terms with me, good terms, you will be blacklisted in every reputable publishing firm in the United States and foreign parts.