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n. (plural of dorm English)

Usage examples of "dorms".

But even if I stayed, it meant new bunkmates, perhaps even a new sergeant, as depleted dorms were consolidated and merged.

C and D dorms on his right - and sitting prominently on each side, eyeing each other like two roosters in the same chicken yard, were Alex and Brett.

Ideas began to float around the crowd amid cheers, and Brett took notes: more fun time, more access to the food, less homework, no homework, volleyball games that could actually be won, no restrictions on which dorms to sleep in.

Behind the dorms, the lid of a trash bin clanged shut right before a boy - it might have been Tom Cruise - knocked, whispered, and got some help climbing in from whoever had climbed in before him.

Birthday, the frequently-used black microwave that can be found in most college dorms, a counter with bread crumbs, cheese bits, and cola stains, a sink of dirty plastic dishes, two pastel green love-seats, and one square wooden coffee-table that also serves as a foot-stool.

She had stayed long past the hour she said she would return to the dorms, and he had even talked her into one slow dance.

One evening I strolled through the barracks area, avoiding dorms I knew to be occupied.

Quarters across the compound to the cadet dorms, taking salutes from passing middies.

I saw the exhausted cadets to their dorms, gave Robert Boland an extra clap of assurance.

Sparrow Hall was one of the older dorms, built back when SMU was just a liberal arts college.

Gradually, as was prone to happen in the dorms, more people began to join our little group like barnacles on a boat.

But that was the only noise in the dorms, and it made me feel alone, like I had the entire building to myself.

He managed to infiltrate Gryffindor Tower, finding a way into the dorms that only a small rodent could.

There were chutes leading up to the dorms which the students never saw.

Romy was prepared for the barrack, and her tours of the SimGen dorms prepared her for the vague musty odor that attended a crowd of sims.