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dormant volcanoes

n. (dormant volcano English)

Usage examples of "dormant volcanoes".

She and Charles married soon after he took his degree, and they returned to the island, where they directed the mining operations in the dormant volcanoes.

They were, after all, now stuck down here surrounded by barely dormant volcanoes on a lava plain of uncertain thickness for the duration of a howling storm.

He pointed inland, where clouds of white and gray smoke curled ominously into the sky from two of the three previously dormant volcanoes.

Last year four dormant volcanoes erupted and there were dozens of major quakes.

Long-dormant volcanoes came suddenly to life, and new ones erupted.

And I'd thought I had the turmoil licked, which only showed that dormant volcanoes were simply that.

Then they kept handing me tall fruity rum drinks called Dormant Volcanoes.