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dormant volcano

n. (context geology English) A volcano that has not erupted for a considerable length of time, but is still capable of erupting

Usage examples of "dormant volcano".

Although a century of pilgrimages had worn a trail of packed pumice, it still took almost a midura for Vubben to roll his first circuit around the base of the ovoid, whose mass pressed a deep basin in the flank of a dormant volcano.

Prime, if you watch him, is like a dormant volcano all covered with snow, but steaming through fumaroles that hint at the turmoil underneath.

The need for geological surveys was certainly greater at Mount Nevermind, built as it was into a dormant volcano, but getting paid for jobs was impossible.

Utterly confused by the strange behavior, Kinnison scowled at the woman when another quake shook the mountain range and the dormant volcano erupted.

Animals can live on the slopes of a dormant volcano, fighting and dying in natural competition.