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Caught up with this intriguing thought, Jeffrey went to the other room to retrieve his Dopp Kit.

Gow attack carrier had launched its Dopp fighters, Sha took off in his Zak.

The Dopp fighter carried by the Gows was one of the first fighters developed by Zeon, and had first been put into operation when Minovski particles were still largely a rumor.

In the downstairs bathroom, his Dopp kit was sitting on the lid to the toilet tank.

An open Dopp Kit sat on the back of the toilet, and inside it she could see a hairbrush, a tube of toothpaste, and a toothbrush holder, as well as a few loose Band-Aids.

In the bathroom, she put all of the toiletries inside the leather Dopp Kit, zipped it, and tried to wedge it into the suitcase beside the shoes.

She thought the MP3 player was coming out again and the earphones, but, uh-uh, he just sat there staring straight ahead holding his stupid dopp kit with both hands.

He placed them in a leather dopp kit that was already provisioned with fresh batteries for the transmitters.

While Shelly was busy burying them in his top bureau drawer, Laurie looked into the Dopp kit to see what else she could find.