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Dopo (band)

Dopo is a Portuguese psych/freak folk band formed in late 2004 around Oporto, Portugal.

Dopo began to record improvisations using many instruments, including toys, singing bowl and organs.

The first result of the many homemade recordings they've made is on "Last Blues, To Be Read Someday", an EP released in December 2005 on Portuguese netlabel test tube.

January 2007 saw them releasing another record, "For the Entrance of the Sun", this time a full length, again on test tube and on CD-R label Lovers&Lollypops.

"Crossing Birds" album (November 2007) was released on Foxglove.


Dopo may refer to

  • Dopo (band), Portuguese psych/freak folk music band
  • Dopo (clothing), a traditional Korean overcoat worn during the Joseon Dynasty
  • Dopo il veglione, a 1914 Italian film
  • Dopo _/ Adesso, one of two restaurants in Oakland, California run by the same person
  • dopo as in "dopo festival", post festival, see Wiktionary:après
Dopo (clothing)

The dopo is a variety of po, or overcoat in hanbok, Korean traditional garment which was mostly worn by male Confucian scholars called seonbi after the mid Joseon period. Seonbi wore it as their daily garment as well as government officers did when they out for their private business. There are several speculations over the origin of the dopo. According to historical documents such as Seongho saseol , Ojuyeon munjang jeonsango , the garment was influenced by Buddhism. The authors claimed that dopo was originally monk's robe called, gwontu which was identical to jangsam, another monk's garment.