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n. (plural of doper nodot=1 English); users of dope.

Usage examples of "dopers".

The agency plants would report back, and very soon he as Bob Arctor, sitting in his living room smoking dope and dropping dope with the other dopers, would find he had a little threefoot-high contract man on a cart coasting after him, too.

Any one of eight dozen weird heads, assorted freaks, burned-out dopers, psychotic paranoids with hallucinatory grudges acted out in reality, not fantasy.

The same question about burglars and thieves was asked of narcotics officers by dopers and of vice cops by whores, tricks and gamblers.

Once we ripped off some dopers and some stupid cop calls me on the radio and gives the snitch's name right over the air!

The final split came at Altamont, four years later, but by that time it had long been clear to everybody except a handful of rock industry dopers and the national press.

If things go right, we'll get most of the dopers before we need to use the grenades.

And the most likely motive involves the worst anonymous ratshit dopers in the whole goddamn country.

Creek must know some dopers, living where he does, there's dope coming through the Marina all the time, and with your job 'You've been down to look at Creek's place?

She slept, exhausted, but her brain made lists, the crazies, the dopers, the men who'd come on to her in the past six months, anyone who might have fixated on her.

First I was on the street all the time, then I got sent to vice and I was hanging out with dopers and hookers.

You could live in them for months and hear nothing, while the dopers got strenuously to work all around you.