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n. (plural of doorframe English)

Usage examples of "doorframes".

The only tricky part is cutting the tiles to fit around doorframes and along the edge.

A guy can spend more time cutting and fitting around the doorframes than he will on all the rest of the floor.

Last fall, Mark and I resurfaced the floor in the kitchen, and when we came to fitting the linoleum around the doorframes, Mark had a special tool he used to trim the tiles to fit.

Walk about this house slowly, in and around, laying my hands upon its doorframes and its brass knobs and musing at the paintings in the dining room and the lovely plaster ornament that everywhere decorated its ceilings.

Whole walls had fallen in, leaving doorframes standing like gravestones.

My flashlight streaked across blackened doorframes, smoke-tinged walls, into a hallway dense with shadow.

Michelangelo let him paint a few decorative rams' heads and doorframes, flat walls or floor surfaces that Bugiardini had done at Santa Maria Novella.

Men watch their families die, then are gutted and strung up from poles and doorframes by their bowels, to die themselves from pain and shock and loss.

A few, like the temples, were constructed with stone, but what was most remarkable was that every building they passed, from temple to worker's hut, was painted white, except for bordering beams and doorframes, which were polished deep brown.