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Dooley is an Irish surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Bill Dooley (born 1934), American football coach; brother of Vince Dooley
  • Billy Dooley, Irish hurling player
  • Brian Dooley, British television writer
  • Brian J. Dooley, Irish human rights activist
  • Cal Dooley, American politician
  • Charlie Dooley, American politician
  • Derek Dooley (footballer), British football player and manager
  • Derek Dooley (American football) (born 1968), college football coach; son of Vince Dooley and nephew of Bill Dooley
  • Dooley Wilson, actor, star of Casablanca
  • Edwin B. Dooley, American politician
  • James Dooley (disambiguation):
    • James Dooley (Australian politician)
    • James Dooley (composer), American film score composer
    • James H. Dooley, American lawyer
  • Jim Dooley, American football player and manager
  • John Dooley (disambiguation)
  • Kevin Dooley, comics editor
  • Kevin John Dooley, American scholar and professor
  • Mark Dooley, Irish philosopher and writer
  • Mike Dooley, New Zealand musician
  • Norval "Pat" Dooley, Australian Army officer and solicitor
  • Paul Dooley, American actor
  • Ray Dooley, American actor
  • Shaun Dooley, British actor
  • Stacey Dooley, British TV journalist
  • Taylor Dooley, American actress
  • Thomas Dooley (born 1961), German-American soccer player
  • Thomas Anthony Dooley, American physician
  • Thomas E. Dooley, American business executive
  • Timmy Dooley, Irish politician
  • Tom Dooley (editor), American journalist
  • Tom Dooley (American football official), American football official
  • Vince Dooley (born 1932), American football coach; brother of Bill Dooley and father of Derek Dooley
  • Vol Dooley (born 1927), Louisiana sheriff
  • Wade Dooley, British rugby player
  • Mr. Dooley, a fictional bartender in stories by Finley Peter Dunne