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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"excitement," 1915, from refrain of the minstrel song "Camptown Races."


n. A thing; especially an unspecified gadget, device, or part.


Doo Dah, Doo Dahs, Doodah or Doodahs can refer to:

  • doodah, a placeholder name for an object
  • the Doo Dah Parade
  • the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
  • the repeated line-ending of the lyrics of the song " Camptown Races"
  • the repeated line-ending of the lyrics of the song " Two World Wars and One World Cup

Usage examples of "doodah".

Colonel Doodah who moved here about the time we did, the foxhunting chap.

It had a V-neck that plunged halfway to my doodah, and the skirt fell two inches below my ass.

I number several authors among my acquaintancethe name of Boko Fittleworth is one that springs to the mindand they invariably become all of a doodah when they read a stinker in the press about their latest effort.