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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Doo \Doo\ (d[=oo]), n. (Zo["o]l.) A dove. [Scot.]


interj. (context music English) (non-gloss definition: Used as a scat word in song lyrics.) n. (context childish English) feces.


Doo or DOO may refer to:

Usage examples of "doo".

And thus somewhat comforting my fearefull minde, and yet restrained with shamefastnesse, knowing that I was vnwoorthily come into this shadowie place, and solicious company of deuine and delicate nimphes, my guiltie and troubled minde, telling mee that it was rashly and ouer-bouldly doone, and that they were it might be, prohibited places, and a forbidden countrie for a straining to frequent.

In hevye sorrowe doo send you these advisoes which I requyre your Mageste in umblest manner to pondur wel, seeinge ells your manyfest Overthrowe and Rwyn att hand.

Gate thou oughtest to enter in and remayne, euen which of those two it shall best please thee to giue eare vnto, doo: for they haue some vnderstanding of her.

At this aduise and precious gift, I became amphasiatike, not knowing what to saie or doo, in requitall or giuing of thankes.

For nor without great cause, from place to place, with a diligent and iealous examination I did carefully consider the large extention of the inmost intricate braunches, and their proportionate strength and thicknesse, so cunninglie doone, by such an arte, boulde attempt, and continued intent, they were so aptly led out, whether by sowdering, or by the Hammer, or by casting, or by all three, mee thought it an vnpossible worke to make a couering of such a breadth, and so twysted and twyned together.

A few salty tears would be shed over kittens like Prince Hal, Lorna Doone, and Rum Tum Tugger, who were going out into the wide world.

Shame to kill a female, even if she was a Voo Doo, with killing hands.

Big North Rock, clambored up to the peephole, scanned, and yes, there they were, a knot of six Voo Doos.

This Voo Doo had to die, and so he fell, but only to his knees, and he pulled the trigger again and once more.

DRMO reference binders for the past hour and a half, doo VJ dling on the blotter pad as he thought about the case.

Prynsace the Quen of Implande, one that was your Servaunt but now beinge both a Traitor and a manifald parjured Traitor, which Heaven above doth abhorre, the erth below detest, the sun moone and starres be eschamed of, and all Creatures doo curse and ajudge unworthy of breth and life, do wish onelie to die your Penytent.

Such a monody, drumming into the ear and the spirit of a young man is not good for the soul, and Ronicky Doone finally dropped his head on his fist in a joyless study.

Why worshyp nat the people of our tyme these poetis why do nat they reuerence to ye interpretours of them do they nat vnderstonde: that no poetes wryte, but outher theyr mynde is to do pleasure or els profyte to the reder, or ellys they togyther wyll doo bothe profyte and pleasoure why are they dyspysed of many rude carters of nowe a dayes which vnderstonde nat them, And for lacke of them haue nat latyn to vtter and expresse ye wyl of their mynde.

This excessive waddage of plot culminates with Duddits pitifully tottering into battle clutching a stuffed Scooby Doo doll and a Scooby Doo lunchbox full of cancer medication, a battle whose outcome hinges upon the fact that aliens capable of controlling human minds, biting people in half, and building a spaceship the size of Portland seem baffled by the problem presented by opening a manhole cover with a crowbar.

The guard fell to his knees, screaming in pain, and Speedo stepped around him like he was doggy doo on the sidewalk.