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n. (plural of dom English)


Doms are a Bengali Hindu caste found in large numbers in Birbhum, Bankura and other districts in the western fringe of the Indian state of West Bengal. Traditionally, Doms were basket-makers, cultivators, labourers and drummers; their wives serving as midwives.

The Doms were formerly classified as a criminal tribe under the Criminal Tribes Acts of the British Raj.

Usage examples of "doms".

To her, he seemed a little too rugged for the sleek beefed-up types the male Doms might prefer.

Whereas most Doms preferred black and leather for the strong message they conveyed, this woman had chosen a dress of hunter green velvet.

She knew true Doms were artists who used a variety of methods to break subs down to the bone and drive them to a level of fulfillment they never could have experienced with their emotional and physical shields in place.

He lifted the list of regular Doms provided by The Zone in exchange for a confidentiality agreement.

Female Doms from The Zone who are bringing their current slaves to a weekend place on the Gulf that belongs to a friend of mine.

We hit it off right away, and later he told me that sometimes Doms just sense one another, the same sense that lets them identify a sub at twenty paces.

The position would require her to remain still while the two Doms at those seats ate their meals.

Tyler gestured for more wine, casually, though his eyes were as intent as the other Doms on the struggle, and the nuances of control and trust that were working furiously below its surface.

After dinner, the Doms changed into preferred swimwear and adjourned to the pool house, a beautiful glass structure that overlooked the water.

She watched as appreciatively as the other Doms as naked torsos stretched and turned.

Now she no longer wondered why some Doms were fond of keeping their subs in The Zone on a collar and leash, to reinforce the servitude and the bond.

There were the five female Doms with permanent memberships, but he was particularly interested in Marguerite Perruquet.

She kept the young man lapping sparkling tonic water out of a bowl at her foot like a pet dog while she talked to other Doms, occasionally slapping him on the ass with a sharp quirt she carried, tucked into a metal band on her forearm.