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n. A dominatrix.


Domme may refer to:

  • Dominatrix or female dominant, woman who takes the dominant role in BDSM
  • Domme, Dordogne, commune of the Dordogne département, in southwestern France

Usage examples of "domme".

The female Domme with a male slave is really big in Hong Kong, and we got a helluva Domme in April.

Another messenger from OHL, Major Dommes, arrived—this was on August 17—with news that made a counteroffensive appear more desir­able than ever.

But of course, said Major Dommes, he was obliged by Moltke’s instructions to warn of all the haz­ards of a counteroffensive of which the chief and overwhelming one was that it would be a frontal attack—that anathema of German military doc­trine—with envelopment impossible because of the mountains and the French fortresses.