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n. (plural of dome English)

Usage examples of "domes".

Between them were benches, under awnings, and it was possible to sit and look out over the round domes of the inner city to the harbour.

None of these dusty, nothing ever seemed to get dusty in these domes, pity the poor android with its endless dustmop rounds.

Long after the last Vryhh succumbed to the crushing weight of the ages, kephaloi in empty domes would be talking to each other and forming a society that could last as long as the world itself.

The native Shiburri went about their lives in the shadow of the domes, always conscious of the undying, a consciousness that seemed to intensify all emotions, all struggles, all relationships.

It would after all be possible to plant domes directly on its surface, and set up direct mining operations.

Above him, the partial inner and more complete outer domes displayed a confusion of incomprehensible schematics sculpted solid and multidimensional from alien materials.

The domes remained as he had first seen them from a distance, the lighting in the chamber ample but subdued.

The almost imperceptible flash that was lost in the glare from the domes was accompanied by a brief but violent exhalation from the side of the weapon.

She was already aloft, fluttering outside the domes, waiting for him to join her.

But over the spurs and slopes of the city, past gardens and domes, at six or seven miles distance, a rocky plateau jutted out of the haze.

Corbek lay spread beneath us, its clusters of towers and domes in pale grey stone.

Beyond them were smaller domes, and in those alcoves a crowd of people.

My eyes becoming used to the light, I made out how the natural rock amphitheatre was carved in rising tiers of seats, and how smaller domes clung to the sides of the main one.

Low domes lined the curving streets, windows ebony in the expanses of white and sand-coloured plaster and bricks.

They jutted above the domes of this one-storey city, the only landmarks.