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Domel is a FATA town and union council of Bannu District in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

Domel (company)

Domel is a Slovenian electric motor manufacturer. The company was founded in 1946, its headquarters and production facilities are in Železniki, Slovenia. It manufactures vacuum motors, suction units, brushless motors, automotive components and various other tools. It also produces components for home appliance, air conditioning, medicine, automotive appliances and alternative energy sources. The most technologically advanced product is electronic comutated brushlees motor.

Subsidiaries are Tehtnica and Domel Energija. In 1990 company produced its 1.5 million vacuum motor. In 2006 it built almost 6,5 million electric motors. It has offices in Germany, UK, Sweden, Iran, United States, Canada, Australia and Russia. All products comply with international standards as CCC, CE, UL, KEMA, Rohs and others.

Usage examples of "domel".

Turning away from the window, he donned the white khilat robe of honor to which all Domel were conditioned to bow.

Nowhere outside the sealed chambers of his malik-brothers could he reveal such a secret thought but he knew it was a thought shared in every mind around him now, and the workings of that thought were visible in Masheikh, Domel and Face Dancer alike.

The paradox of kinship ties and a sense of social identity that permeated the khel from Masheikh down to the lowliest Domel was not a paradox to Waff.

A Face Dancer in the guise of Domel had bowed and opened the balcony doors.

We have prepared our Domel and all of our people to respond by killing all Reverend Mothers they can find at the slightest sign that you seek this power over us!

Never again to see the city of carnelian skies, never to feel the presence of brothers, of patient Domel and.

Face Dance warriors, Domel assistants — eliminating this abominable evil!