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Beneath that mountain, we had been told, was our goal: the city of Irayas, where the great King Domas held court over all the realms of the Far Kingdoms.

It is no great court secret King Domas has been pondering that perhaps we have begun to grow stale after all these years of shunning contact with the outside.

I switched my attention back to Domas, taking a last measurement before we were called to such confusing splendor.

He had no care what anyone thought of him: I am King Domas, his bluff manner said, and I can be who or what I please.

Beemus whispered a promise, and Domas turned his attention back to us.

I would have guessed otherwise: while Domas seemed to be in the early part of his fourth decade, Raveline had the look of a man knocking hard on the door of bis fifth.

King Domas had given his promise, we were still gnawing on that doubtful coin to test its worth.

Prince Raveline had done nothing at all beyond that first gesture, while Domas had made good on at least part of what he had promised.

The meetings with Domas and Raveline opened a flood of invitations: we ate and drank at noble tables, we learned new dances in grand ballrooms, and an embarrassment of honors and gifts were showered on us.

So there was only the business with King Domas to conclude, and then we would all return to Orissa bearing even more than what we had dreamed when we first set out for the Far Kingdoms.

It was my impression that King Domas has already decided to allow some trade to commence.

If you went to King Domas, and told him all that had happened, he would indeed summon Raveline, and chastise him severely.