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In Norse mythology, the Swedish king Domar ( Old NorseDómarr, "Judge") of the House of Ynglings was the son of Domalde. He was married to Drott, the sister of Dan the Arrogant who gave his names to the Danes. Drott and Dan are in this work said to be the children of Danp son of Ríg.

His rule lasted long and after the sacrifice of his father Domalde, the crops were plentiful and peace reigned. Consequently there is not much to tell about his reign, and when he died at Uppsala, he was transported over the Fyris Wolds ( Fyrisvellir) and burnt on the banks of the river, where a stone was raised over his ashes.

He was succeeded by his son Dyggvi.

Domar (caste)

The Domar are a Hindu caste found in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. They are also known as Mehtoar and have scheduled caste status.