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The Collaborative International Dictionary

dolor \do"lor\, n. [OE. dolor, dolur, dolour, F. douleur, L. dolor, fr. dolere. See 1st Dole.] Pain; grief; distress; anguish. [Written also dolour.]

Of death and dolor telling sad tidings.


n. 1 (context literary English) sorrow, grief, misery or anguish 2 a unit of pain used to theoretically weigh people's outcomes.


n. (poetry) painful grief [syn: dolour]


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Usage examples of "dolor".

Postero die contione habita rem gestam proponit, milites consolatur et confirmat: quod detrimentum culpa et temeritate legati sit acceptum, hoc aequiore animo ferendum docet, quod beneficio deorum immortalium et virtute eorum expiato incommodo neque hostibus diutina laetatio neque ipsis longior dolor relinquatur.

In the meane season Thrasillus not able to refraine any longer, before Charites had asswaged her dolor, before her troubled mind had pacified her fury, even in the middle of all her griefes, while she tare her haire and rent her garments, demanded her in marriage, and so without shame, he detected the secrets and unspeakeable deceipts of his heart.

The crowd roared at the accompanists plying the exotic instruments of Cleveland, the dolor, the mangle, the bim.

For Drake the morning passed in an elevated druglike state of private bemusement, shuttling endlessly between exhilaration and dolor as fluently as stepping from sun to shadow and back again.

Riding on with this assumptionas it were in tandem with Demi and GinaRichard imagined Gwyn's quest for full voidance steadily growing in complication and dolor.

Tallendar, and we shall pay you a thousand dolors, so mat the public may attend it free.

The hero touches the wound in the side of the king with the sacred spear, ends his dolors, and is hailed as king in his place.

El dolor era semejante al de un hierro al rojo vivo sobre la carne, pero Conan no movió ni un músculo, como si no sintiera nada.