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Usage examples of "dolley".

James Madison Cutts, now twelve, and little Dolley Cutts, a replica of herself at six, whom she liked to call Dolchd.

And when teacher John read from the writings of George Fox, the founder of their Quaker faith, it seemed to Dolley that his long, lean finger was pointing straight at her.

Then one day Grandmother was wearing a plain gray dress, not coarse and dull like her own but smooth and shiny, and, pinned to her breast, the most lovely object Dolley had ever seen, a golden butterfly with bits of bright color in its wings.

Outside, Dolley tripped along the path sedately until she reached the woods, afraid he might be watching.

So Dolley had been disobedient and idle and had had to stay after school.

As long as she lived, Dolley would always be happy as long as she was surrounded by people.

Temple, Dolley, her younger brother Isaac, and the new baby, Lucy, bunched together like birds in a nest.

Looking at the lovely Dorothea, granddaughter of one governor and now wife of another, Dolley smiled with satisfaction.

One of them came in autumn of 1779- He was a small, rather insignificant-looking man, and Dolley was surprised when Papa greeted him with more than his usual cordiality to strangers.

Suddenly Dolley dug her heels into the sides of her little horse and headed straight for the yawning cleft.

Through an opening in the glossy green leaves, Dolley stared at the red tide flowing up the hill, the tall, determined horseman in the lead.

Was Mama still there, standing inside the door or, as Dolley hoped desperately, had she followed Mother Amy to the cabin?

Mary Payne and their children: Temple, Dolley, Isaac, Lucy, Anna, Mary, and John.

As she was about to climb into the coach after Mama, Dolley suddenly turned and ran back into the house.

It was the people more than the buildings that Dolley found intriguing.