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vb. (en-third-person singular of: dole)


Doles is a surname with several different origins, French, Czech, and Slovenian. As a name of French origin, it may be a habitational name derived from Dole in the Jura. As a name of Czech origin, the name is a variant of Dolejš meaning "lower". This was used to differentiate the bearers of the same personal name (example: for a man living in the lower part of the village, as opposed to another man in the higher part). Doles is considered by some to be a sept name of the Scottish clan Mackintosh, in this case the name is a variant of the surname Dallas.

Usage examples of "doles".

The Doles were a Leisure family, but it pleased Shermaya to dabble in Investing, and occasionally in Business.

Without the doles, he would have no idea of where his next bite of food would come from.

In the meantime the Government food doles are to be discontinued effective tonight, until further notice.

Henriks has been picking up my food doles and bringing them here, and borrowing books.

How comes it that they are so ready to receive as a matter of course the doles of food provided for them?

For them no automatic gas meter grudgingly doles out its niggardly pennyworths of gas.

We, may drive out the rabbits, we may imprison and punish them, we may compel them to live in Adullam Street or in lazar houses, we may harry them and drive them hither and thither, we may give them doles of food on the Embankment or elsewhere.

It may seem strange that any one's thoughts should, at the moment of regarding him, fly back to the dark bedside where the doctor doles out brandy.

From sub-stations constantly engaged in checking back thumb-marks and numbers, an incessant stream of information would come, of births, of deaths, of arrivals at inns, of applications to post-offices for letters, of tickets taken for long journeys, of criminal convictions, marriages, applications for public doles and the like.

Unlike the levity-gravity polarity, in which one pole is peripheral and the other point-centred, both Doles of the electrical polarity are point-centred.