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Dogana is a town and a civil parish, translating as 'Customs House' (curazia) in the north-eastern corner of San Marino in the Serravalle municipality (castle). The town is the most populated settlement in the republic.

Usage examples of "dogana".

The Dogana men admitted them with an air of gracious welcome, and they clattered up the narrow dark street, greeted by that mixture of curiosity and kindness which makes each Italian arrival so wonderful.

A few steps more brought me to the Dogana, and to my first glimpse of those massive and shadowy arcades so delightfully native to the South.

Florian went alone into the wharfside building marked dogana ed immigrazione.

I realize that the moment we give official notice of our being in residence in Venice again, we subject ourselves to inquisition by the Dogana tax collectors.

Then, as expected, he said he hoped we would satisfy the Dogana that the proper share of all our successful enterprises had been duly paid into the coffers of the Republic.

Signoretto, and his friend Sebastiano, who were staying for a few weeks in the old Villa di Dogana Vecchia a mile or so away, and they had danced far into the night.