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n. (context chiefly Canada offensive sometimes capitalized English) A Roman Catholic, especially one of Irish origin.''Oxford English Dictionary'', 3rd edition (November 2010)


Doğan is both a masculine Turkish given name and a Turkish surname. Notable people with the name include:

Dogan (deity)

Dogan is cited in an 1885 British work as the chief deity of the Siyah Posh tribe of Kafiristan (now Nuristan). His other incarnations are given as: Mahadeo, Bruk, Kantaar, Pane Truskai, and Eumrai.

Usage examples of "dogan".

In the center of the front page there was a rather large group shot of the new regimeMargaret, Hardy, Baggy Suggs, me, our photographer, Wiley Meek, Davey Bigmouth Bass, and Melanie Dogan, a high school student and part-time employee.

Dogan on the far side of the River Whye, for he and Slightman the Elder had met there many times before the Wolf raid that had been greeted by Roland and his makeshift posse.

The piped-in Muzak on this lowest level of the Fedic Dogan sounded like Beatles tunes as rendered by The Comatose String Quartet.

Dogan took the weapons controls himself, and fixed his small eyes on the approaching fighter as it changed angle slightly to bear down on them.