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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Does...mean anything to
Does the name Bryce mean anything to you?
▪ She always does the weekly shop on a Friday.
▪ Jerry says he does two hundred sit-ups a day.
How does that sound (=used to ask someone what they think of your suggestion)
▪ I’ll come over to Richmond and take you out for dinner. How does that sound?
Jane Doe
John Doe
neither does/can/will etc sb
▪ ‘I don’t have any money.’ ‘Neither do I.’
▪ Tom didn’t believe a word she said, and neither did the police.
What does...mean
What does ‘patronizing’ mean?
as is/was/does etc
▪ And as is the way of things in nature, given sufficient heat and hammering, the result is forged steel.
▪ For his contemporaries, Gloucester clearly filled a double role, as is illustrated by his dealings with the city of York.
▪ In fact, as is clearly illustrated by this data, inequalities are relatively consistent throughout childhood.
▪ It is as unique in its way as was the original White Paper.
▪ It was a small, intimate gathering that was assembled, as was the custom among nice Atchison families.
▪ Now he desires, as is but right, that my dowry should be returned with me.
▪ The classic Sinatra phrasing remains intact, as does that easy-breeze delivery.
▪ The human was now seen as a biomechanical machine, as was the entire universe.
easy does it
gently/gently does it!
how does sth grab you?
▪ How does going to Hawaii for Christmas grab you?
it does your heart good to see/hear sth
no more does/has/will etc sb
▪ In practice, this situation will arise only very rarely if a regime of symptom control and no more has been adopted.
▪ Men appear to be no more willing to support women in their traditional roles than women are to assume them.
that does it!
the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing
the minute (that) sb does sth
▪ The minute I say something is cute, she'll hate it.
the moment (that) sb does sth
▪ Been getting hold of a bit of meth, but it's fairly hard to come by at the moment.
▪ Does it enable them to make the right choice in the heat of the moment?
▪ In the heat of the moment it does not usually look as if there is anything to be done about the heat.
there's no harm in doing sth/it does no harm to do sth
what does it matter?
▪ We'll do it tomorrow or the next day. What does it matter?
▪ Hill people, valley people, what does it matter if gullibility remains unaffected by our environments?
▪ The same as what does it matter whether or not I was a virgin when I met Gillian?
▪ Well, what does it matter?
what does sb care?
▪ He tells the chauffeur to go gas up the limo, and what does he care?
what does sb know?
▪ I'm not going to listen to Martha. What does she know?
▪ My chaplain snorts in derision but what does he know?
where does sb/sth go from here?
▪ He has just turned 25 years old and the question is: Where does he go from here?
▪ So where does Dirk go from here?
▪ The question now is, where does UMass go from here?
▪ Ezra waited for the doe to open its eyes and look at him.
▪ It was as if a little wild doe had come to me, all quivering with a half-mistrust.
▪ Please help me out before I shrink, fade or bum all my new does.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Doe \Doe\ (d[=o]), n. [AS. d[=a]; cf. Dan. daa, daa-dyr, deer, and perh. L. dama. [root]66.] (Zo["o]l.) A female deer or antelope; specifically, the female of the fallow deer, of which the male is called a buck. Also applied to the female of other animals, as the rabbit. See the Note under Buck.


Doe \Doe\ (d[=oo]), n. A feat. [Obs.] See Do, n.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English da "a female deer," of unknown origin, perhaps a Celtic loan-word (compare Cornish da "fallow deer," Old Irish dam "ox," Welsh dafad "sheep").


n. 1 A female deer; also used of similar animals such as reindeer, antelope, goat. 2 A female fallow deer. 3 A female rabbit. 4 A female hare. 5 A female squirrel. 6 A female kangaroo vb. (obsolete spelling of do English)


Doe may refer to:

  • An adult female in some animal species such as deer and goat; see List of animal names
  • Doe people, a people of coastal Tanzania
  • Doe language, spoken by the Doe people

Usage examples of "doe".

That is the fidelity of a woman speaking, for Sier Valence has already said that he has abjured his oaths for the sake of this woman, and she does not deny it.

The Constitution does not authorize Congress to enlarge or abridge those rights.

A State statute which forbids bodies of men to associate together as military organizations, or to drill or parade with arms in cities and towns unless authorized by law, does not abridge the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

This salt, when absorbed by the roots, does not cause the tentacles to be inflected.

The two loops may be connected by an appending ridge provided that it does not abut at right angles between the shoulders of the loop formation.

No angle is present as the ending ridge does not abut upon the curving ridge which envelopes it.

The point is that even if it does not survive as it once did, Orientalism lives on academically through its doctrines and theses about the Orient and the Oriental.

The academicism of the Right does not even acknowledge a misery that the academicism of the Left utilizes for ulterior reasons.

How much acausal bandwidth does the Post Office have in hand for a televisor conference with the capital?

Epicurus, atoms be the cause of all things and that life be nothing else but an accidentary confusion of things, and death nothing else, but a mere dispersion and so of all other things: what doest thou trouble thyself for?

Botanically, each fruit is a collection of berries on a common pulpy receptacle, being, like the Strawberry, especially wholesome for those who are liable to heartburn, because it does not undergo acetous fermentation in the stomach.

Like the strawberry, if eaten without sugar and cream, it does not undergo any acetous fermentation in the stomach, even with gouty or strumous persons.

This is true of everything a man does from such persuasive faith, whether he is acknowledging God, worshiping Him at home or in church, or doing good deeds.

The only difference is the acknowledgment which a man ought to make, that he does good and thinks truth not of himself but from the Lord, and hence that the good he does and the truth he thinks are not his.

And yet none of these things purifies man at all unless he examines himself, sees his sins, acknowledges them, condemns himself on account of them, and repents by desisting from them, and does all this as of himself, yet with the acknowledgment in heart that he does so from the Lord.