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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Dodd \Dodd\, Dod \Dod\, v. t. [OE. dodden.] To cut off, as wool from sheep's tails; to lop or clip off.


vb. (alternative form of dod nodot=yes English) (to lop or cut off)


Dodd may refer to:

  • Dodd (Lake District), a fell in Cumbria, England
  • Dodd (Buttermere), a fell near Red Pike in England
  • Dodd (surname), people with the surname Dodd
  • Dodd, Indiana, a community in the United States
  • Dodd Hall, a building at Florida State University
  • Dodd, Mead and Company, Publishing company
Dodd (Lake District)

Dodd is a small fell in the Lake District, Cumbria, England, four kilometres north-west of Keswick. It forms part of the Skiddaw range in the northern part of the national park and the slopes are heavily wooded.

Dodd (surname)

The surname Dodd is one of the first names recorded and is of Anglo-Saxon origin, stemming from a description of something round or plump.

Notable people with the surname include:


  • Christopher Dodd (born 1944), American politician and lobbyist
  • Thomas J. Dodd (1907–1971), American politician and prosecutor
  • William Dodd (ambassador) (1869–1940), historian and diplomat
  • William Dodd (Congressional candidate), son of William Dodd (ambassador)

Performing and modelling:

  • Carl Nicholas Henty-Dodd (born 1935), British TV and radio presenter Simon Dee
  • Cathal J. Dodd, voice actor
  • Claire Dodd (1908–1973), American actress
  • Dick Dodd (1945–2013), American actor and musician
  • Jimmie Dodd (1910–1964), actor
  • Ken Dodd, (born 1927), British comedian
  • Marcie Dodd, (born 1978), American stage actress and singer
  • Mikyla Dodd (born 1978), British actress
  • Molly Dodd (1921–1981), American actress
  • Rory Dodd, singer
  • Steve Dodd, Australian actor

Sports figures:

  • Bobby Dodd (1908–1988), American college football coach
  • Brad Dodd (born 1977), Australian Rules footballer
  • Jason Dodd (born 1970), English footballer
  • Jimmie Dodd (1910–1964), Mickey Mouse Club MC
  • Joe Dodd, English pro darts player
  • Karl Dodd (born 1980), Australian soccer player
  • Marjorie Dodd, tennis player
  • Mark Dodd (born 1965), American soccer player
  • Robert Dodd (baseball player) (born 1973), American baseball player
  • Stephen Dodd (born 1966), Welsh golfer
  • Steven Dodd (born 1983), Australian Rules footballer
  • Travis Dodd (born 1980), Australian soccer player

Creators of expressive works:

  • Bella Dodd (1904–1969), author
  • Ed Dodd (1902–1991), American cartoonist
  • Francis Dodd (1874–1949), artist
  • Lamar Dodd (1909–1996), American painter
  • Louis R. Dodd (1943–2006), British Marine and Topographical artist
  • Lynley Dodd (born 1941), New Zealand children's writer
  • Maurice Dodd (1922–2005), English cartoonist
  • Robert Dodd (disambiguation), a number of people of the same name, including an American football coach, an American baseball player, a British marine painter and an English association footballer

Academics and educators:

  • A. H. Dodd (1891–1975), Welsh historian
  • C. H. Dodd (1884–1973), Welsh Bible scholar
  • Charles Dodd (c.1671–1743), pseudonym of British historian Hugh Tootell
  • David Dodd (1895–1988), economist and educator
  • P. W. Dodd (1889–1931), Welsh classicist
  • Sandra Dodd (born 1953), American unschooling advocate
  • Stuart C. Dodd (1900–1975), sociologist


  • Clifford Dodd, Australian radio executive
  • Coxsone Dodd (1932–2004), Jamaican record producer
  • David Owen Dodd (1846–1864), "Boy Martyr of the Confederacy", hanged as a Confederate spy in the American Civil War
  • Martha Dodd (1908–1990), American spy
  • Moses Woodruff Dodd (1813–1899), American publisher
  • Norman Dodd (1899–1997), Chief investigator for U.S. Congressman B. Carroll Reece Special Committee on Tax Exempt Foundations ( Reece Committee)
  • Ralph Dodd (1756—1822), English civil engineer and marine painter.
  • Sonora Smart Dodd (1882–1978), American activist and founder of Father's Day
  • Townsend F. Dodd (1886-1919), American Aviator, Colonel in the Army Air Service, first US Pilot to receive the DSM in World War I
  • William Dodd (clergyman) (1729–1777), British religious leader, scholar and forger
  • Westley Allan Dodd (1961–1993), American serial killer

Usage examples of "dodd".

Dodds clacking keyboard sounded more natural than the muffled burbling of the funnel or the squeals and creaks of the coaster.

From every side Worlington Dodds heard of yearlings, of windgalls, of roarers, of spavins, of cribsuckers, of a hundred other terms which were as unintelligible to him as his own Stock Exchange jargon would have been to the company.

Nest are quiet from hoarseness, I will bid Jock Dodds carry certain plenishing to Paradise.

From every side Worlington Dodds heard of yearlings, of windgalls, of roarers, of spavins, of cribsuckers, of a hundred other terms which were as unintelligible to him as his own Stock Exchange jargon would have been to the company.

The harp and the lyre but only simple versions no fancy corners or complex scales must be in this pile, got to find Dodds on the Corybantes under here careful, carefully avoid stress worse than all the stringed instruments put together, isn't flute playing an art that seeks only pleasure?

Dodds manipulates the image, pulling the shape out and away from the seafloor so that it hovers freely above their heads.

Then his hands plunged into the chest cavity, somehow finding room around Dodds and Jenkins, and were suddenly incredibly gentle as they located the heart itself and began working on it, the skilled, exact massage of a man who knew every function of the vital organ.

Dodds holds on, sucking in a desperate breath as a forty-foot wave washes over him, crashing through the lower deck as it snags the last of the lifeboats in its fury.