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The Collaborative International Dictionary

DoD \DoD\, DOD \DOD\(d[o^]d or d[=e]"[=o]*d[=e]`), prop. n. the United States Department of Defense, the federal department responsible for safeguarding national security; created in 1947. It includes within its jurisdiction control of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. [acronym]

Syn: Department of Defense, Defense Department, Defense.


Dodd \Dodd\, Dod \Dod\, v. t. [OE. dodden.] To cut off, as wool from sheep's tails; to lop or clip off.


Etymology 1 n. (lb en Ulster) sulk, huff Etymology 2

n. (context Ireland English) lump Etymology 3

alt. (context transitive English) To cut off, as wool from sheep's tails; to lop or clip off. vb. (context transitive English) To cut off, as wool from sheep's tails; to lop or clip off.


DOD, Dod and DoD may refer to:

Dod (surname)

Dod is the surname of:

  • Albert Baldwin Dod (1805–1845), American Presbyterian theologian and professor of mathematics
  • Charles Dod Irish journalist and writer, known for his reference works, including Dod's Parliamentary Companion
  • Daniel Dod (1788–1823), American mathematician and mechanical engineer who fabricated the engine for the first steamboat to cross the Atlantic Ocean
  • Donald Dungan Dod (1912–2008), American missionary and orchidologist
  • John Dod (c.1549–1645), non-conforming English clergyman
  • Lottie Dod (1871–1960), English sportswoman, youngest winner of Wimbledon Ladies' Singles Championship
  • Pierce Dod (1683–1754), British physician
  • Thaddeus Dod (1740–1793), Presbyterian preacher and educator
  • William Dod (1867–1954), British Olympic archer
Dod (nickname)

Dod or Doddie is a Scottish nickname, usually a diminutive or tee-name for "George".

People with the nickname include:

  • Dod Brewster (1891-?), Scottish footballer
  • George Burrell (rugby union) (1921-2001), Scotland rugby union player, referee and administrator
  • Gordon Gray (rugby) (c. 1909-1975), Scottish rugby union and professional rugby league footballer
  • Dod Proctor (1890–1972), English artist born Doris Margaret Shaw

Usage examples of "dod".

Either his planet had similar manners, or his friend Dod had taught him well.

These are extra blankets Dod bought for me from a nation wide discount store.

At first, when she looked at Dod, she saw her father, sitting on the rock while he looked across the river canyon, smiling.

Eventually, Dod found a cozy spot where three tall pine trees towered above.

And at first, Dod sat on the evesmol, but then he came over and leaned his arms on both the inner sides of our seats.

AIDS, anything really, but that he and Dod had to figure out a way to get it to our health officials.

He could make bills for Dod, sort of like a pay back, but Dod would only use them infrequently.

But when I tried on clothes, he and Dod just stayed at the entrances to the dressing rooms, but they told me to take a room close to the entrance.

I asked Dod about it, and he said he normally parked there or on other roads and hiked the couple miles distance, or greater, depending on his last known location of Ha-Ta.

But Dod reassured me that he was just making sure, that everything should be fine.

You should put on the glove and hat Dod bought you, as well as your coat.

Let us just say, like a familiar human expression Dod told me, that I am a work in progress.

November, I ate the food Dod brought me and other food he would come by with.

Is that because he had been around Dod, or because both our worlds have the same meal times?

Well, I put some popcorn string and some other colored string decorations, that Dod had given me.