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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1952, American English, contracted from the name of its Slovakia-born inventors, the Dopera Brothers (John, Rudy, Emil). The word also happens to mean "good thing" in Slovak. Patent filed 1947, claims use from 1929.


n. An acoustic guitar with a metal resonator


The word Dobro is, in popular usage, the generic term for a wood-bodied, single cone resonator guitar. It is also an American brand of resonator guitar, currently owned by the Gibson Guitar Corporation. The Dobro was originally made by the Dopyera brothers when they formed the Dobro Manufacturing Company. Their design, with a single inverted resonator, was introduced in competition to the patented Tricone and biscuit designs produced by the National String Instrument Corporation. The Dobro name appeared on other instruments, notably electric lap steel guitars and solid body electric guitars and on other resonator instruments such as Safari resonator mandolins.

Gibson Guitar Corporation acquired the Dobro trademark in 1994. Although the name Dobro is generically associated with the single-inverted-cone design, Gibson has announced that it would defend its right to exclusively use the name.

Dobro (Livno)

Dobro is a village in the municipality of Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dobro (disambiguation)

Dobro is a wood-bodied, single cone resonator guitar.

Dobro may also refer to:

  • Dobro, a word meaning "Good" in most Slavic languages

Usage examples of "dobro".

Mage-Imperator had had such an open dispute with him over the Dobro scheme.

We have already brought Hyrillka and Dzelluria into our fold, and now we wish Dobro to join this uprising.

An image flashed through her mind of Nira in desperation, grasping thorny shrubs on Dobro until her palms were bloody, screaming her thoughts into deaf plants that had no way of contacting the worldforest network.

Up there, somewhere far away, lay the Dobro breeding camps and the other human prisoners.

Nira shuddered at the prospect of going there again, but the Ildiran settlement, the one inhabited place on Dobro, had the only ships that could take her away.

The Dobro Designate had always seen the universe in many shades of gray.

Within days, the Dobro Designate was expected to come to Hyrillka and announce his decision whether or not to join them.

Some even made a desperate flight all the way to Ildira, where their urgent news only added to what the Mage-Imperator had already learned from the Dobro Designate.

It must have been centuries since Dobro had been a thriving planet that supported more than one large splinter colony.

Nira on her isolated island, the Dobro Designate had a little more practice.

Upon reaching Dobro, if you waver in your resolve, then even one warliner is enough to destroy your colony.

Apparently, forcing him to watch the surrender and conversion of Dobro would be another blow to his resolve.

The Dobro Designate danced backward, retreating as fast as he could down the hall.

The Adar grabbed for it, closed his hand around the hilt, but the Dobro Designate stepped on his wrist, pressing down with nearly enough force to crack bone.

It was even possible that the Dobro Designate would try to play both forces against each other.