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Doak may refer to:

In people:

  • Given name:
    • Doak S. Campbell (1888-1973), president of Florida State College for Women
    • Doak Snead (born 1949), American singer and songwriter
    • Doak Walker, (1927–1998), American football player; member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame
  • Surname
    • Bill Doak (1891-1954), Major League Baseball pitcher
    • Charles Doak (1884-1956), American baseball player and coach
    • Chris Doak (born 1977), Scottish professional golfer
    • David Doak (born 1967), video game designer
    • Gary Doak (born 1946), NHL defenceman
    • John Doak (born 1959), Australian sprint canoer
    • John D. Doak, American politician from Oklahoma
    • Nan Doak-Davis (born 1962), American long-distance runner
    • Neil Doak (born 1972), Irish cricketer and rugby union player
    • Robert Doak (born 1958), Australian sprint canoer
    • Samuel Doak (1749-1830), American Presbyterian clergyman and educator
    • Shareen Doak (born 1978), British university professor and scientist
    • Sloan Doak (1886-1965), American equestrian who competed in the 1920 Summer Olympics
    • Tom Doak, golf course architect
    • William N. Doak (1882-1933), American labor leader

In other uses:

  • Doak, West Virginia
  • Bobby Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium, football stadium on the campus of the Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL, USA
  • Doaks Crossroads, Tennessee
  • Doak Field, home to the North Carolina State University Wolfpack baseball team
  • Doak Island, Nunavut, Canada
  • Doak VZ-4, American prototype VTOL aircraft built in the 1950s
  • Doak-Little House, historic building in South Strabane Township, Pennsylvania
  • Lady Doak College, women's post-secondary educational institution located in the community of Chinnachokikulum in the city of Madurai, India
  • Oaky Doaks, American newspaper comic strip
  • Treaty of Doak's Stand, also known as Treaty with the Choctaw); was signed in 1820
  • One of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid acronyms.

Usage examples of "doak".

Miss Dorothy Borg and Professors Theodore Ropp of Duke University, Doak Barnett of Columbia, James MacGregor Burns of Williams College and Lyman Van Slyke of Stanford.

She considers herself superior to the middle-class Babbitts, preferring to entertain English aristocrats like Sir Gerald Doak.

     As the hosts of Sir Gerald Doak, the McKelveys were headlined all the week after the Babbitts' dinner.

My troops are investing Doaks Ferry, my cavalry and First Battalion are on Ford Heights, and the regiment will be scattered for three more days.

It's just as Gerald Doak says to me in Chicago—oh, yes, Jerry's an old friend of mine—the wife and I are thinking of running over to England to stay with Jerry in his castle, next year—and he said to me, 'Georgie, old bean, I like Lucile first-rate, but you and me, George, we got to make her get over this highty-tighty hooptediddle way she's got.