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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also d.o.a., 1929, police slang abbreviation of dead on arrival.


DOA is often an acronym for dead on arrival or Dead or Alive.

DOA may also refer to:

DOA (Foo Fighters song)

"DOA" is the second song released as a single from Foo Fighters' fifth album, In Your Honor.

Doa (Japanese band)

doa (read as "do-a") is a Japanese hard rock band currently under the Giza Studio label. The band is named after a single letter of each of the members' names: Daiki Yoshimoto, Shinichiro Ohta, and Akihito Tokunaga.

So far they've released 23 singles, 10 albums, 1 best and 1 indies album

Doa (moth)

Doa is a genus of moths of the Doidae family.

Usage examples of "doa".

She plugged the archiver into the phone and sent the retriever to fetch data on the other seven AR DOAs.