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DNI may stand for:

  • Direct neural interface, a brain-computer interface
  • Direct normal insolation, a measure of the solar irradiance striking a surface held normal to line of sight to the sun
  • Digital Network Intelligence, the NSA term for the collection of data from the Internet
  • Director of National Intelligence, a sub-cabinet executive position that oversees the United States Intelligence Community
  • Director of Naval Intelligence (disambiguation)
  • Documento Nacional de Identidad, the Spanish national identity document
  • Documento Nacional de Identidad (Argentina), the Argentine national identity document
  • Dole Nutrition Institute founded by the Dole Food Company
  • Do not intubate, an alternate term for " do not resuscitate"
  • Do not install, when seen on an electronic circuit diagram or printed circuit board layout diagram meaning that the component should not actually be installed during manufacturing
  • Lower Grand Valley Dani language (ISO 639 code: dni)
  • Wad Medani Airport (IATA airport code: DNI)