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DNE may refer to:

  • The convention of circling important information (such as URLs, or assignments) and marking it DNE (short for do not erase) on chalkboards in academic institutions with shared lecture facilities.
  • In mathematics it may be used as an abbreviation to illustrate that a proper solution to some problem Does Not Exist.
  • An abbreviation for "Did not enter" or " Do not enter"
  • The National Livestock Department (Direction Nationale d'Elevage – DNE) of Mauritania, which manages different aspects of agriculture in that nation
  • Defining New Elegance – an English urban catchphrase by Alexander Hunter-Heslop, an international lifestyle critic.
  • Direcção Nacional de Estatística, the national bureau for statistics of East Timor
  • Dominion NewEnergy Inc ( DNE Resources), International energy consulting firm