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DMV may refer to:

  • Department of Motor Vehicles or Division of Motor Vehicles, in several U.S. states
  • Deserted medieval village, in the UK
  • Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung, the German Mathematical Society
  • Deutscher Metallarbeiter-Verband, German Metal Workers' Union, a trade union
  • Deutscher Motorsport Verband, a German motor sport organisation
  • "DMV", a song from the album Pork Soda by Primus
  • Dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus, in anatomy
  • Dynamic Management Views, a feature of the Microsoft SQL Server software
  • Washington metropolitan area (shorthand for District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia)
DMV (song)

"DMV" is a song by the rock band Primus. Interscope Records asked Primus to release this song together with its video.

The video was featured in Beavis and Butt-head.

It has been played live on Lollapalooza '93 and some concerts of 2003 Tour de Fromage.

This song is also featured in Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People and in the compilation album They Can't All Be Zingers.

The song failed to chart.