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DMAX (engines)

DMAX of Moraine, Ohio, is a manufacturer of diesel engines for trucks. DMAX, originally announced in December 1998, is a joint venture between and operated by General Motors and Isuzu. The company's Duramax V8 engine has been extremely successful for GM.

The DMAX plant was built on a land grant site adjacent to a GM plant that made the 6.2/6.5 L 6.2 L Diesel V8. Production of that engine began in 1982.


DMAX may refer to:

  • DMAX (engines), of Moraine, Ohio, a joint venture between General Motors and Isuzu Motors, a manufacturer of Diesel engines for trucks
  • DMAX (TV channel), a German TV channel focused on men, owned by Discovery Communications
    • DMAX (UK TV channel), a British TV channel owned by Discovery Communications
    • DMAX (Italy), an Italian TV channel owned by Discovery Communications
    • DMAX (Asia), an Asian TV channel owned by Discovery Communications
  • Dmax (scanners), a measure of the darkest area of an image that can be scanned by a computer scanner and still show detail
  • Isuzu D-Max, a pickup truck produced by Isuzu
  • D, Maximum point dose to an organ or tumor target in radiotherapy cancer treatment.
  • D-max: Maximum density. The greatest density in an image. Also, the greatest density possible for a particular film or paper. (D-min = Minimum density. The smallest density in an image. Also, the smallest density possible for a particular film or paper.)
  • China Film Giant Screen - a premium large film format company, previously known as DMAX
DMAX (TV channel)

DMAX is a men's lifestyle channel operated by Discovery Networks CEEMEA free-to-air in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. The United Kingdom and Italy have their own version of the channel. It is also widely available throughout the rest of Europe. It is seen as the only free-to-air mainstream channel with a focus on non-fiction entertainment, unique in German media.

DMAX broadcasts from the Astra 1H, 1L, and 3A satellites and is uplinked by SES Platform Services.

DMAX (UK TV channel)

DMAX is a TV channel in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Discovery announced on 22 November 2007, that they would launch a version of DMAX in the UK and Ireland market on 8 January 2008 after its initial success in Germany.

In addition, the timeshift service DMAX +1 has also been available on Sky since the launch. A two-hour timeshift channel named DMAX +2 launched on Sky on 1 April 2008. Another timeshift channel named DMAX +1.5 launched on Sky on 18 August 2008. DMAX +1.5 was closed down on 2 November 2009 when Quest +1 launched. DMAX +2 closed on 30 April 2013 on Sky when TLC launched on channel 125 and Challenge was relocated to channel 145, which had been DMAX +1. DMAX +1 moved to Sky channel 238 as TLC +1 launched on channel 195, which had been DMAX +2. As of August 2014, DMAX +1 is on channel 233. On 16 July 2015, DMAX moved from 144 to 167 on Sky, switching places with sister channel Quest.

DMAX (Italy)

DMAX is a thematic network television, owned by Discovery Communications Group.

The Italian version of the channel began its broadcasting at 6:45 PM on November 10, 2011 with the show Destroyed in Seconds.

DMAX is available on channel 52 of digital television, on Sky Italia at channel 136 and time shifted at 137 and on Tivù Sat at channel 28.

It's the first factual-entertainment channel for the male audience in Italy.

It will cover all Six Nations matches from 2014 to 2017.

DMAX (Asia)

DMAX is an Asian satellite and cable TV channel which provides documentary, factual-entertainment, lifestyle and reality programming for male audiences.

It is owned and operated by Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, a division of Discovery Communications.

The Asian version of the channel was launched on 7 July 2014 before the show American Digger at 6:00 AM (SIN/HK/PH) by the channel was formerly known as Discovery Real Time since 2004 and preceded by Discovery Turbo since 2008. The channel is widely available throughout Asia and it is seen as the only Pay TV channel with a focus on non-fiction media.

Selected DMAX shows will be also broadcast on Discovery Channel on Thursday nights.