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n. (alternative spelling of djinn English)

Djin (album)

Djin is the fourth and final studio album by English alternative rock band Queenadreena. The album was originally released exclusively in Japan in October 2008, where it became the band's most commercially successful album to date, peaking at #120 on the Oricon Albums Chart. The album was later released in the UK in September 2009.

Usage examples of "djin".

Not having the honor of being acquainted with any of them in particular, I chose at haphazard the djin with the umbrella and got into his little cart, of which he carefully lowered the hood.

This thought kept my mind on the alert during the panting journey we made, the djin and I, one dragging the other, under the merciless downpour.

My djin had fastened his little cart under a tree, and together we climbed the steep path on the slippery red soil.

While the other mousmes walked along hand in hand, adorned with new silver topknots which they had succeeded in having presented to them, and amusing themselves with playthings, she, pleading fatigue, followed, half reclining, in a djin carriage.

She knew exactly how many times to slap and just how hard to get the djin to move on.

Sooner or later, however, most of the minded worlds tamed this formidable djin, and set it to work upon a titanic scale, not only in industry, but in such great enterprises as the alteration of planetary orbits for the improvement of climate.

A power unit was seized, and after a bout of insane monkeying with the machinery, the mischief-makers inadvertently got things into such a state that at last the awful djin of physical energy was able to wrench off his fetters and rage over the planet.

Sometimes she would be assisted by a giant figure, black as a bible and stripped to the waist, an unrecognizable apprentice who, obedient as a djin, would calmly execute her every order.

And now at last you stand before me, conjured up like a djin fresh from his bottle.

Away we go, full of hope, only to encounter some fresh mystification, till our breathless djins get quite bewildered.

The djins, stiffening their muscular legs, hold back with all their might the heavily loaded little cars which would run down by themselves if let alone, and that so rapidly that they would rush into empty space with my most valuable chattels.

When at last we reach the bottom, suddenly, without transition, we find ourselves in the very heart of Nagasaki and its busy throng in a long illuminated street, where vociferating djins hurry along and thousands of paper lanterns swing and gleam in the wind.

During this whole day we--Yves, Chrysantheme, Oyouki and myself--have spent the time wandering through dark and dusty nooks, dragged hither and thither by four quick-footed djins, in search of antiquities in the brica-brac shops.

Nor do I think at heart the boys felt so bad as their father about the djins and the devils, the powers of the earth and the powers of the air.

I said "I always thought Djins were supposed to be heavy hitters in the magik department.