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Diviš (feminine Divišová) is a Czech and Slovak surname, it may refer to:

  • Alén Diviš, Czech painter
  • Ivan Diviš, Czech poet
  • Jakub Diviš, Czech footballer
  • Jaroslav Diviš, Czech footballer
  • Lukáš Diviš, Slovak volleyball player
  • Richard Diviš, Czech hockey player
  • Petra Divišová, Czech footballer
  • Václav Prokop Diviš, Czech inventor

Usage examples of "divis".

Stirling's section left Percy Street under cover of their armored lorry, moving down Divis Street in an effort to drive the rioters into the police barricades set up this side of the school and neighboring church.

It was an afterthought--Roisin McCoy, soldier's girl friend, part-time informer, found shot dead under Divis mountain.

Down to Divis, then across the top fringe of town to Unity flats, and then on to Carlyle Circus.

Why, but a week ago he summoned my late dearest friend, Divis, then his favorite concubine, and telling her it was a necklace of the same stones, hung around her neck an emerald adder, the sting of which is infallibly deadly.