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n. 1 (context mathematics computing English) a function, implemented in many programming languages, that returns the result of a division of two integers 2 (context vector calculus English) ''short for'' divergence; a kind of differential operator 3 (context slang English) A foolish person; an idiot. 4 (context web design English) A section of a web page, or the div HTML element which represents it in computer code. 5 (context UK English) divinity, mainly used by schoolchildren. 6 (context UK Eton College slang English) A division; a lesson.


Div or DIV may refer to:

Usage examples of "div".

Muntras had made his last trip a tenner and a half ago, at the time of the Battle of the Cosgatt - only it had proved not to be his last trip, since Div needed further instruction.

And I certainly cannot allow you to perish without telling you how proud I am of you for being strong and defending your honor and turning down the temptation of luxury and delight, choosing instead to endure great woe and pain by denying the Divs that which they seek.

King of Divs, might use his subjects to assist the Emir in obtaining the cork from thee.

Or perhaps all of you would have been given to the King of Divs for his service.

At the present moment the Emir is high in the favor of the King of Divs, to whom he secretly pays tribute, for he sent him the beauteous Hyaganoosh.

King of Divs was likewise streaked with shadow, but as I very discreetly slipped past him I could see that he was not in one of his more attractive aspects that evening.

The Divs had been told I was dead and would not be looking for me and even the bitiger had apparently given up.

Better, as we had decided with the Divs, to keep our household together.

Had I had longer to inspect the manner in which thy wishes were being attended to by those Divs, the results would have perhaps been more to thy liking.

Also, we owe a debt to the man you bear upon your back, and it is in my mind that the Queen of Divs is the closest person who might have the skill to aid him.

Had the Divs failed to obtain the seal from you, the Emir could have taken it personally, for he is under no magical restraint.

He has not only his army and all the Divs and all their power but you as well.

Just when you have things the way you like them, the Divs get bored and change everything around.

Your presence in the home of my fellow monarch, the King of Divs, is not yet explained however.

It was classic urban warfare and she hated it within segs, despised it within divs.