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Diu or DIU may refer to:

  • Dansk Interlingua Union or Union Danese pro Interlingua, an organization that promotes Interlingua in Denmark
  • Diplôme interuniversitaire, a French degree
  • Diu (Cantonese), a Cantonese profanity
  • Diu, India, a city in Diu district in the union territory of Daman and Diu, India
    • Diu district, part of the union territory of Daman and Diu
      • Diu Island, an island and part of Diu district
    • Diu Airport's IATA code
    • Diu Head
  • Down-With-Imperialism Union, a union formed by Kim Il-sung, president of North Korea
  • Dresden International University, part of Dresden University in Germany
  • Divisional Intelligence Unit, police intelligence at the divisional level
Diu (Cantonese)

Diu ( Traditional Chinese: 屌 Hong Kong coinage: ???? [門+小] jyutping: diu2 pinyin: diǎo) is a common profanity in Cantonese. It can be regarded as the Cantonese equivalent of the English fuck. The character, in Mandarin, is also used by young people in Taiwan to mean "cool" (in this context it is not censored on TV broadcasts).

Usage examples of "diu".

Daman, Diu, Goa, Karikal, Mahe, Pondicherry, Sikkim, as pointed out in his cable to your Assembly of May 30th, 1953.

On foot, Diu and Washen conquered the last kilometer, stepping abruptly out onto the viewing platform, and not quite standing together, peering over the edge.

Like most captains, Diu was tall for a human, with craggy features and an easy charm meant to instill trust in their human passengers.

Washen noticed how even wlie stading still, Diu was moving, his flesh practically vibrating, as if the water inside him was ready to boil.

Washen glanced at Diu, wondering if her face wore that same wide smile.

Washen remembered the last time she spoke to Diu, almost a decade ago.

Instead, Diu started to turn, looking at his surroundings as if for the first timethere was a clean hard crack.

A fat chunk of lead knocked Diu off his feet, opening his chest before it tore through his backside.

Because -- Nulla placere diu, nec vivere carmina possunt, Quae scribuntur aquae potoribus.

Jack and gone down to the harbor of Diu to see about hiring a dhow or something like it.

There followed an interlude of some hours during which the kettle merely boiled, and threw off a column of steam that rose high over Diu and drifted away into the blue sky over the sea.

Foot to the good people of Diu, Jack did not have the power to command the wheeling of the heavens.

In 1509 their fleet was defeated by the Viceroy Almeida near Diu, off the coast of Kattywar, where the Arabian seaman comes in sight of India.

I also studied with the mage Diu, who is the last living descendant of Chrysom.

Perhaps he realized what I did: that Chrysom hints now and then at spells which are unknown, even to the mage Diu, for he never told me.