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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ But choose such books carefully, because some of these texts are nothing more than meaningless, silly little ditties.
▪ Anyway, in each ditty the name of the country was used to finish a rhyme.
▪ Band members sing spontaneous and insulting ditties, needling the girls as they run up the court or in-bound the ball.
▪ But choose such books carefully, because some of these texts are nothing more than meaningless, silly little ditties.
▪ For those who demand blood-and-guts songwriting, the plastic ditties on Kosmos' Cocktail will sound frustratingly shallow and simplistic.
▪ Out of Rainbow's lips comes my rendition of a little amorous ditty from a shtetl on the banks of the River Vistula.
▪ There were two snow-white cotton ditty bags inside with their tie strings done in dainty bows.
▪ We pin up quality ditties on corporate walls to enthuse staff of our good and noble intentions.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ditty \Dit"ty\, n.; pl. Ditties. [OE. dite, OF. diti['e], fr. L. dictatum, p. p. neut. of dictare to say often, dictate, compose. See Dictate, v. t.]

  1. A saying or utterance; especially, one that is short and frequently repeated; a theme.

    O, too high ditty for my simple rhyme.

  2. A song; a lay; a little poem intended to be sung. ``Religious, martial, or civil ditties.''

    And to the warbling lute soft ditties sing.


Ditty \Dit"ty\, v. i. To sing; to warble a little tune.

Beasts fain would sing; birds ditty to their notes.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"short song," c.1300, from Old French ditie "composition, poem, treatise," from Latin dictatum "thing dictated," neuter past participle of dictare "dictate" (see dictate (v.)).


n. 1 A short verse or tune. 2 A saying or utterance, especially one that is short and frequently repeated. vb. To sing; to warble a little tune.


n. a short simple song (or the words of a poem intended to be sung)


Ditty may refer to:

  • a short song
  • "Ditty" (Paperboy song), a 1992 song by American rapper Paperboy
  • The Ditty Bops, an American band from Los Angeles, California
  • Devon Ditty (1976–1999), British Thoroughbred racehorse
  • " Pretty Little Ditty", a 1989 track by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Ditty (Paperboy song)

"Ditty" is a song by American rapper Paperboy from his debut studio album The Nine Yards. It is the opening track on the album and was issued as the album's lead single. The song is primarily based around a sample of Zapp's " Doo Wa Ditty (Blow That Thing)", but it also contains a sample of James Brown's " Funky President (People It's Bad)".

"Ditty" is Paperboy's only song to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #10 in 1993. It was awarded a platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America. In 1994, the song was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance, but lost to " Let Me Ride" by Dr. Dre.

Usage examples of "ditty".

Had not a momentary impulse tempted me to sing my favorite ditty to the harpsichord, to beguile the short interval, during which my hostess was conversing with her visitor in the next apartment, I should have speeded to New-York, have embarked for Europe, and been eternally severed from my friend, whom I believed to have died in phrenzy and beggary, but who was alive and affluent, and who sought me with a diligence, scarcely inferior to my own.

With impartiality he passed from strains of popular hymnody to the familiar ditties of the music hall, lavishing on each an excess of sentiment.

Serious folk, weird time sense, one of the few races to consider Wagner a composer of quick, hummable, stick-in-the-mind ditties.

Master Pory, arrived at the maudlin stage, alternately sang a slow and melancholy ditty and wiped the tears from his eyes with elaborate care.

When pinned, he preferred to disarm Proxenus by grinning spastically and singing faintly obscene ditties that would soon have his older cousin collapsed in paroxysms of laughter.

Grown men, as well as children, sometimes went round, and the ditties sung often contained verses of good-wishes for the household practically identical with those sung by wassailers at Christmas.

Fleta played a merry ditty on her horn, theme and countertheme on the panpipes, as if the two of them had not a care in the frame.

I stopped into a twenty-four-hour cybercafe called Digital Ditties, got online, and worked all night.

After having for a long time shone as the star of the supper parties of the Latin Quarter, at which she used to sing in a voice, still very fresh if not very true, a number of country ditties, which earned her the nickname under which she has since been immortalized by one of our neatest rhymsters, Mademoiselle Musette suddenly left the Rue de la Harpe to go and dwell upon the Cytherean heights of the Breda district.

Michael had now ended his ditty, and nothing was heard but the drowsy murmur of the breeze among the woods, and its light flutter, as it blew freshly into the carriage.

So the second act had the Essex rebellion, the Dark Lady shoved into a dark jail, the Bard collapsing with various kinds of distress as the Ghost in Hamlet, which and whom (Hamlet) he kept, in bereaved father's guilt, calling Hamnet and Hamnet, his going home to Stratford to be nagged to death by Anne, but not before conjuring the Dark Lady as Cleopatra and seeing, about his deathbed, visions of her wagging her divine farthingaled ass to that early mocking ditty about love.

Before the great man arrived the platform was occupied by a lascivious sergeant who was whittling away the time by leading us in a succession of bawdy ditties accompanied by gestures.

Answering the poet's unspoken inquiry whether he is not to die otherwise, or whether Jove will him stellify, the eagle says that he has been sent by Jupiter out of his "great ruth," "For that thou hast so truely So long served ententively* *with attentive zeal His blinde nephew* Cupido, *grandson And faire Venus also, Withoute guuerdon ever yet, And natheless hast set thy wit (Although that in thy head full lite* is) *little To make bookes, songs, and ditties, In rhyme or elles in cadence, As thou best canst, in reverence Of Love, and of his servants eke, That have his service sought, and seek, And pained thee to praise his art, Although thou haddest never part.

To the past--whatever it might have been--he said farewell, and went carolling some cheerful ditty, to look upon the face of his future.

Max hadn't anything zippy to brag about except the short-lived Plum Crunchies ditty.