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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Or, possibly, Loopy Old Bats Against ditto.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ditto \Dit"to\, adv. As before, or aforesaid; in the same manner; also.


Ditto \Dit"to\, n.; pl. Dittos. [It., detto, ditto, fr. L. dictum. See Dictum.] The aforesaid thing; the same (as before). Often contracted to do., or to two ``turned commas'' (``), or small marks. Used in bills, books of account, tables of names, etc., to save repetition.

A spacious table in the center, and a variety of smaller dittos in the corners.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1620s, Tuscan dialectal ditto "(in) the said (month or year)," literary Italian detto, past participle of dire "to say," from Latin dicere (see diction).\n

\nOriginally used in Italian to avoid repetition of month names in a series of dates; generalized meaning of "same as above" first recorded in English 1670s. Dittohead, self-description of followers of U.S. radio personality Rush Limbaugh, attested by 1995. dittoship is from 1869.


adv. As said before, likewise. interj. Used to show agreement with what another person has said. n. 1 That which was stated before, the aforesaid, the above, the same, likewise. 2 (context informal English) A duplicate or copy of a document, particularly one created by a spirit duplicator 3 A copy; an imitation. 4 A symbol, represented by two apostrophes, inverted commas, or quotation marks (" "), when indicating that the item preceding is to be repeated. vb. (context transitive English) To repeat the aforesaid, the earlier action etc.

  1. n. a mark used to indicate the word above it should be repeated [syn: ditto mark]

  2. v. repeat an action or statement; "The next speaker dittoed her argument"

Ditto (drive)

The Ditto drive series was a proprietary magnetic tape data storage system released by Iomega during the 1990s. It was marketed as a backup device for personal computers.

They were released in several capacities ranging from the original Ditto 250 drive (250MB compressed capacity per cartridge) to the DittoMAX drive, a compatible format with compressed capacities up to 10GB per cartridge. This was accomplished by increasing the physical size of the cartridge (making it longer). Some versions of the drive were also able to read Travan-type tapes.

Ditto (2000 film)

Ditto (; lit. "Sympathy" or "The same feeling") is a 2000 South Korean science-fiction romance film directed by Kim Jung-kwon. Two students in the same school, one in 1979, the other in 2000, are somehow able to talk to each other using amateur radio.

Ditto (convention)

Ditto was a science fiction fanzine convention held annually in the autumn in North America. It was named after the ditto machine, which was commonly used to print fanzines before the advent of cheap photocopying.

The first Ditto was held in 1988 in Toronto for fans who could not attend the Corflu convention, which was in Seattle that year. Affordability became a goal for the organizers of each succeeding Ditto, along with finding "interesting sites." Ditto was held roughly six months after Corflu, and the location was generally on the opposite side of North America. Regional groups took turns hosting Ditto. Later Dittos sites included Seattle, Washington (1995), Eugene, Oregon (2003), Orlando, Florida (2004), and Milwaukee, Wisconsin (2005). The last was held in 2007 Mendocino County, California.

Ditto (1937 film)

Ditto is a 1937 American short comedy film featuring Buster Keaton.


DITTO is an Internet site that sells designer prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. The company uses virtual fitting technology to let customers try on frames from a computer. The technology measures a user’s face by homing in on pupils, ears, cheekbones, ears and other facial landmarks, and then comes back with images of dozens of different pairs of glasses that might be a good fit.

Ditto (horse)

Ditto (1800 – 1821) was a British Thoroughbred racehorse and sire. During a racing career that lasted from May 1803 to April 1807 he was lightly campaigned, running six times in five seasons and winning four races. In the summer of 1803 he proved himself one of the best British colts of his generation, by winning Derby on his only appearance on the season. He went on to win two important races at Newmarket and a King's Plate at Guildford. Ditto was retired to stud in 1808 and had some success as a sire of winners.

Usage examples of "ditto".

I did things with the charms like wrap them around the telephone at home, to soften any bad news it might be bringing me, or drape them round my combox screen, ditto.

The easy access of a Ditto to his entire under-pinning -- unlike ourselves, with much of our personality lying in our subconscious and not consciously fixable --implies constant change, personality tinkering, perhaps worse.

Marlboros, dirty dishes with remains of the tandoori take-away a pair of very expensive-looking panties that she cheerfully bins, ditto various discarded makeup articles in the bathroom.

Ditto or unfinished mortar of the malpais for grinding chili and other ingredients for sauce.

Considering the time of year it was and the expectable atmospheric conditions, the day was mysteriously, even miraculously, bright and clear: atmospheric photochemical intensity way down, fog ditto, and patches of blue skyalmost blue, anywayshowing through behind the inescapable striped layerings of vividly colored greenhouse goop and the usual baleful white backdrop.

Ditto, entire body of the vessel is covered with small protuberances to facilitate handling while hot.

Ditto his buboes, hammertoes, and other infirmities too embarrassing to mention.

Ditto for the Magnitogorsk set-up, which had a line on shipments by rail destined for the Perchorsk Projekt.

Ditto anythin' else that interferes with discipline or combat readiness.

Porters 3 Coarse Washers and Ironers 44 Mules 1 Fine ditto 44 Muleteers 7 Cows 2 Milkers Total, 154 men, 51 animals.

Ditto with people who hated Russia like poison up to 22 June 1941 and then suddenly forgot about the purges, the G.

That, now, is what old Bowditch in his Epitome calls the zodiac, and what my almanack below calls ditto.

Carrie arranged with Borset, the butterman, and ordered a pound of fresh butter, and a pound and a half of salt ditto for kitchen, and a shilling's worth of eggs.

Back in Kyohvic—“Misty Harbor,” as the helpful stab-in-the-dark translation says in squiggly italics on the sky-port sign, dittoed below in the barred neon of chi-chi Ogham—Matt Cairns shoulders his duffel bag and heads through the concourse for the shuttle train to town.

Here is a syllabus --" Herhands trembled as she handed out dittoed sheets.