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The Collaborative International Dictionary
disturbed jolted shaken

agitated \agitated\ adj.

  1. troubled emotionally and usually deeply. Opposite of unagitated. agitated parents

    Note: Narrower terms are: demoniac, demoniacal ; distraught, overwrought; {disturbed, jolted, shaken; feverish, hectic; frantic, frenetic, phrenetic, frenzied; psychedelic ; {rampageous, raging, frenzied ; {wild-eyed . Also See: discomposed, excited, impatient, tense, unquiet, unsteady.

  2. 1 throwing oneself from side to side.

    Syn: tossing

  3. physically disturbed or set in motion; as, the agitated mixture foamed and bubbled. Opposite of {unagitated and left alone, allowed to stand.

    Note: [Narrower terms are: churning, churned-up, roiling, roiled, roily, turbulent ; {stirred.]